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» How to treat acne ?

  • How to treat acne ?
    By Health Blog on July 11, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Acne is one of the major problems that youth are facing in today’s world. From the intermittent pimple during times of stress to the regular breakouts before menses, acne affects almost everyone. These are not just restricted to women. There is no fixed age limit for this problem. These can occur at any age but generally occur in the teenage. These causes the irritation and spoils the face by creating deep holes on the face and deep marks that last for long time and depends upon the type of the skin. These acnes generally occur at the stressed-out times. Our skin carries thousands of oil glands that are producing sebum which is used to moisturize and enhance the skins ability to act as a protective barrier. Experts say that hormones play a major role in the blocking of the pores of these glands. There are so many medical treatments that remove the problem of acne. But the advanced laser clinics can solve this problem by triggering with the laser rays on the skin that can remove them excellently. acne.larger

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