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  • Prophylactic Effect on Cold by Natural Products
    By Health Blog on January 20, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    A guest with regular visits and wishing every one of the family by simple sneeze and sniffles is the common cold. This aptly named cold is considered as a negligible health issue which is a grid misconception, but the fact is it’s a viciously effecting and fast spreading contagious virus even improve with crippling symptoms. Instead of ignoring this crippling cold enriching with cough and enables you to fix to bed then to visit doctor prefer for the quick recovering remedies. This article gives the researched knowledge of cold remedies. Spend few minutes over this and get enriched with the precautions and rids during the attack common cold.

    Few things of our daily activities remain as negligible plays a vital role in this contagious disease. It can be food we consume, liquids we sip, etc. As the cold attacks, it remains for minimum seven days even after taking proper medicine. But by maintaining some natural rids, cold can be out of the body with in couple of days.

    Deduce the Dehydration:
    The water is the liquid which flush outs the cold to out of the body. This water prevents the feeling of dehydration in the body which generally rises by the entry of cold. The feel of dryness and its increase tends to itching in the vocal cord, dryness of lips. So before the raise of itch in the throat, drinking plenty of water prevents the further disorders in health. With the intake of eight liters water, makes the body free from dehydration.

    Garlic: Rid for throat itching
    An itching continues flow from nose and excess cough tends to the pain in the immune system. The natural and herbal fighter which reduces these problems is the garlic. The usage of garlic in increased level can reduce the health issues during the cold. The best way for immediate relief is the chewing the grounded, root garlic. Many medicines prepared by adding this garlic.

    “Vitamin C” the true enemy of cold
    The maximum usage of Vitamin C becomes the firewall against the cold. Many researches are proved vitamin C as the best remedy for the cold. Intake of 250gms vitamin C per day can reduce the cold to maximum extend. The alternate way of having vitamin C is sipping the juices of orange and grapes.

    natural remedies

    Prophylactic effect by Elderberry
    The fruit named elder berry or the blackberry are highly known as good great remedies for the cold posing zero side effects. This is the antiviral which makes the cold to stay out your body by strengthening and rejuvenating the immune system.

    Immune System: the Den for Cold
    The beginning and sustain of cold virus will be held in the immune system. The ignoring of developing cold may leads to several health disasters like asthma, nemonia, lung infection etc. Essential cure and proper prescription makes the immune system strong and this makes it overcome any viral effects. But the keen concentration is very essential since from the childhood, because it builds several issues in immune system in further growth.

    A hygienic life and efficient health also matters a lot.  Rest for the body at the time of viral attack reliefs the body from continues flow of virus in the body. Have a complete rest during the attack along with the medicine. This can prevent the birth of cold. A better rid any disease is the prevention which is better than a cure.

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  • Colloidal silvers – supplements to improve human immunity system
    By Health Blog on May 4, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Being healthy in present world is most important. People do exercises, control the diet and also use medicines to keep themselves healthy and happy. There are different kinds of medicine like drugs, anti-biotic, colloids etc. Today I want to discuss about the colloids, their affects on health and it’s good and bad. Colloids provide the body with minerals to maintain optimum health. Colloidal silver contains silver proteins, various concentration of silver which is used as an alternative medical remedy. Since, it contains silver it has to be taking only when prescribed by a medical practitioner and in small amounts otherwise you may be affected by its toxicity.

    Mesosilver is a true colloidal silver whose function is to provide trace amounts of vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body to maintain the immune system. Mesosilver supplements your immune system to fight pathogens. This mesosilver has the smallest surface area of the silver ions which is very important for the human body. The smaller the surface area the better the medicine acts.

    Liquid Colloidal Silver is other kind of silver colloids but it helps in stress relief, increase the immunity of the body to the diseases and some are also used foe food preservation. Purest colloidal organization is manufacturing the colloids in various forms to serve the human society by erasing their mineral deficiency, improving the antibodies functions.

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