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  • How to increase your creativity?
    By Health Blog on April 25, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    You want to be creative? Look inside yourself. You’re already creative. Believing that you are not sufficiently creative is simply the propaganda you’ve bought from the media, school, and from everybody who has tricked you into thinking you’re lacking unless both rich and famous.

    In addition, thinking you’re not creative is just your convenient excuse so you that you feel exempt from the process of learning to love what you’ve got and who you are. When will the world get to see your stuff, your real gifts and talents? Stop the procrastination game and start generating some truly original and terrible ideas. Don’t worry – they’ll get better.

    Commit yourself to making time and space to apply the following strategies to jump-start your creativity and if you won’t apply the brakes too soon, you’ll find that you really have a hell of a lot to say and do in whatever area turns you on.



    • Be curious and follow your curiosity.
    • Spend 20 minutes a day in a comfortable spot where you will be undisturbed and let your mind wander wherever it will.
    • Work to music, which inspires you. Classical music is usually recommended as the most effective. If you’re not a classical fan, stretch yourself and see if it works. If not, experiment to determine what type of music is most effective for you.
    • Think hard about your problem, then stop thinking about it, forgetting it for a while, or go to sleep after telling yourself that you will awaken with new ideas concerning your problem. Then wait for the Eureka!  Einstein had many of his great solutions come to him whilst in the shower.
    • Try to mentally reframe your problem so it doesn’t look like a problem. Rather, see your problem as the proverbial golden egg, unexpected wealth, just waiting for you.
    • Do something completely different – change your routine. Take a new way to or from work. Eat lunch in a new area. Listen to a new radio station. Watch a television show that’s not in your native language. Love gardening? Read a magazine about boxing.
    • Think about your problem in terms of your five senses. How does the problem taste, feel, smell, look, sound? Look to your reactions as openings that trigger new insights about your problem and its possible solution.
    • Work actively with the suggestions of your intuition. For many of us our intuition represents a muscle, which is rarely tested. Just like any other muscle, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it!
    • Carry a notebook or a mini tape recorder everywhere and capture ALL the ideas your subconscious feeds you.
    • If you want to be creative, start doing! Turn off the idiot box. Stop reading the newspaper and start doing. Forget about what the world thinks, what your mother and friends think.

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