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» infertility problems

  • Fertility problems ?
    By Health Blog on June 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    In todays world, one of the major health problem faced by the youngsters is the infertility. The main reason for this infertility is due to lack of proper diet and proper living styles and also due to the increased stress during whole day in fulfilling our job properly. Most of the youngsters are neglecting the diet because of the work load which causing the body to loose its naturality and due to the stress they are not showing interest toward sex and lacking the feelings of sex. Because of this infertility problems people are lacking confidence in them. People have somany myths regarding this infertility, so i want to tell some of the facts behind this infertility problems.

    Both men and women are responsible for infertility problem. 45% of the infertility problems are due to men.Most of the men in todays world are having less sperm count mostly because of the reasons that i mentioned above. One other main reason for the infertility is due to the smoking and having drugs which are having cocaine, heroine etc. which reduces the sperm count.For womens the usage drugs or smoking will disturb menstration cycle. Inorder to get fertilty, sex should be done only during the fertile days. One more reason for infertility is due to sex in the age above 30. During this age, fertility decreases.From the side of males, infertilty may be due to the testicles being affected by in the past, injury or infection at genital parts. Due to increased heat at the genital parts will reduce the sperm production.

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