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» knee pains

  • How to reduce knee pains ?
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | 20 Comments20 Comments  Comments

    Reducing Knee problems
    Most of the people who are in the age of 45 and above are suffering with knee problems. The pain will be very severe and there is no permanent treatment for this problem except to replace the knee caps which will cost so much. As the age grows, this problem increases and difficult to bear. This pain occurs due to the rupture of the bones joint at the knees. There are medicines that will provide the temporary relief for this problem and there are some devices which keep the joints separate to reduce the rupture of the joints and try to reduce the pain. But nothing of these is permanent solutions. The main reason for this problem is overweight. As the weight increases, the pressure on the knee joints increases and they lose the gum kind of material that separates the two joint bones at the knees and rupture begins and creates pain. There is one more main reason for this problem that is, doing more knee exercises in the older age. Because doing more exercises related to knee the knee caps will be over used and they lose their capacity. So reduce the exercises related to knees and also walking on foot stairs when you are suffering with this kind of problem. Proper diet will also reduce the pain at the knees.

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