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  • Guise of L-Carnitine
    By Health Blog on August 9, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    Our body is a factory which runs with bunch of amino acids, proteins, nutrients, vitamins. Lack or excess liberation of any one of them leads to the changes and problems in normal machine (Human Body) productivity and utilization. Current article deals with one of the very important vitamin called L-carnitine, which plays a major role in human personality formation.

    L-carnitine is the nutrient which exists in the body and meant for the fat reduction. This fat reduction nutrient meant to reduce the extra fat which is present in different parts of the body. Currently many of us who are facing excess fat problem are taking the treatment of L-canitine, so that they can shape out the figure easily without taking hectic of exercises, surgeries, diet etc. Though it reduces the excess fat, it can also increase the side effects which are tough to handle by the users.

    L-carnitine is the nutrient which burns the fat in to energy by passing it in to a cell called mitochondria which are generally present in kidneys and liver. Intern the liberated energy will be used by body and yields healthy heart beats, liver and good blood circulation. It’s a quite natural method for weight loss simultaneously improves the energy level during exercises and also metabolism.

    L-carnitine is one of the carnitine. There are few more carnitines present in Body; they are L-aetylcarnitine, L-propionyl carnitine.
    ALSAR: It’s a short name of Acetyl L-Carnitine turned from amino acids methionie and lysine. It is meant for the growth of nutrients in the brain and its functionality. It also used as brain enhancing supplements and weight loss.
    Uses of L-carnitine:
    There are many uses of L-carnitine. It plays a vital role in weight reduction, heart beats, blood circulation and liver functionality.



    Weight Loss: Now a day the losing weight is the major goal of many of us. Instead of preferring for different surgeries you can use this nutrient. Usage of L-carnitine can improve the energy by burning out the fat and can gain the good structure with maximum energy.
    CFS: Chronic fatigue syndrome is the one which generally find as infection. This begins with the deficiency in nutrients and proteins. To treat this L-carnitine is used according to the doctor’s prescription.
    Heart Attack:
    It even reduces the heart attack, by simply increasing the energy level and blood circulation. And it reduces the effects of heart which generally takes place due to the blood circulation.
    Angina is one of the health problems which have the problems like chest pain, pressure, discomfort. This can be cleared by using L-carnitine. It includes the symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, l light headedness. This is used on the basis of doctor’s prescription.
    Side effects:
    L-carnitine is preferred by the people who have the thyroid. As it impair the thyroid hormone in very short span.
    It has side effect of anorexia nervosa when it is used for the purpose of weight loss. So, it is used on the prescription of doctors.
    Use this nutrient only on the basis of doctor’s prescription instead of concerning your own decision.

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