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  • Mosquito Repellant–A way for prevention from mosquito diseases
    By Health Blog on June 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Did you ever hear about ENCEPHALITIS? West Nile Fever? NO!! No!! ok..What about DENGUE FEVER and Malaria…yeah :) . When we listen to this word Malaria or Dengue, one immediate thing which gets to our mind is MOSQUITO. It’s a small creature but is the reason for a host of diseases.

    You’re doing some work or playing in your garden. Suddenly you shouted “Ouch!” You see your arm and saw that small creature which was responsible for pain. You want to kill that creature, but can’t/didn’t. Then you may get an immediate doubt that you may get some disease because of that bite. But you just leave that matter and get down to your work. Later you hear that someone in your neighborhood got Dengue/malaria, then you get worried if you’ll’ also be susceptible for that disease. As the famous going says “Prevention is better than cure”. The best way to reduce this mosquito-borne disease is to use a mosquito control. Even in gardens you can place these mosquito controllers. There are a host of products available in market where you can buy these products. One of them is Mosquito Magnet. There are many Cordless and corded traps in their range of products. The good thing about this is Mosquito magnet is that once you buy the product, there is a 360 degree customer service for their loyal consumers with their post sale product support. Their main goal is to give their customers the same performance as the day 1, which is a very good and highly appreciated commitment from the company.

    To increase their commitment towards their valuable customers, they recently an interactive website is launched in case of any Mosquito magnet Repair. The troubleshooting website is quite interactive and has listed the problems that are supposed to be faced by a customer and the solutions for getting rid of them. This so called post-sale product support is quite essential.
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