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  • Stone Massage Therapy
    By Health Blog on June 3, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    When you are tired and exhausted, after you worked your heart out the whole week, it is always a refreshing feeling to think of a relaxing and soothing massage to revitalize your nerves.


    One of the massage types, which is becoming more and more popular with every passing day is the Stone Massage Therapy. The Therapy has usually two variants, Hot Stone Massage & Cold Stone Massage. Hot Stone Massage is more popular and does wonders in the cold season.

    stones1Usually the stones used in the therapy are well formed crystals of Basalt. Marble, Jade, Petosky and Sardonyx stones are also used. The stones vary in sizes, shapes and weights. The stones are kept at specific temperatures as per their function and nature, and the importance of the hygiene measures taken for them are also paramount .

    The stones are used in two ways. One, with the stones kept under the client and over a fabric, and the other, with the stones kept on top of the body of the clients on a fabric. The stones are usually lined up with the spinal column of the body and are placed in coherence with the chakras or the energy centers of the body in Ayurveda and Tantra, as the massage to the extensions of the body is carried out simultaneously.


    The massage is usually highly customized in nature, with the pressure levels kept as per the client needs. The heat from the stones imply a soothing effect on the muscles and the nerves and increases the circulation of the blood in the area to which the stone is being applied. The relaxation this kind of massage provides to the mind is really an out-of-this-world feeling. You must have one to learn about the feeling.

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  • Use Olive Oil For Enhancing Your Beauty
    By Health Blog on May 28, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    There is nothing like getting in touch with the nature when it comes to choose something to enhance your beauty. The richness, freshness and sensuality it can provide is matchless, and yes some of us even have a spiritual connection with it.

    So why not pick something from the beautiful and romantic Mediterranean, the azure waters of which have always been a favorite for tourists from around the world.


    Let us pick Olive Oil, a gift from Mother Nature right from the very heart of the Mediterranean. We all know that olives make up that mouth-watering topping of your pizzas, and that their oil is widely used for cooking, but it does have a number of other utilities as well, especially those that can be useful for preserving and enhancing your beauty.


    Olive oil is widely used for massages and leave the skin very silky and soft. Those who want easier and comfortable manicure and pedicure, olive oil is the thing to soak your digits in. It is also very good in reducing dryness and can be a natural lotion to your hands, feet, lips, and also can be used as a shaving oil or make up remover.

    Olive oil is widely used in many of the beauty products and is very effective in controlling and reducing the ageing effects on your skin. Rich in Vitamin E, Olive oil can be a treat for your skin. So think twice before you pass by the olive oil shelves in the store. 

    Popularity: 4% [?]