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  • Craze of using Medicated drugs
    By Health Blog on August 31, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    The common methods of losing weight is by dieting and regular exercise, but sometimes over weight people are not able to achieve their goal by adopting these methods and so they are recommended various medicated drugs, for weight loss.

    It has become a trend with the youngsters of today to adopt dieting as a route to size zero.

    The idea of using pills to shed extra fat is not as good as there are many side effects but new research has come up with wonder drugs that          looked promising enough. These wonder drugs for weight loss have become the axis on which planet zero spins. Majority of the drugs have different side effects and people who are motivated enough are using them regardless of the different hazards that they have to face.

    Though new researches are coming up with these wonder pills but it’s unlikely that we will ever be in a situation where diet and exercise will become redundant in the fight against obesity .In fact finding a miracle pill that enables us to lose weight in spite of over eating and consuming the wrong kind of foods without diet and exercise is still not possible. People who have used the pill were made to follow a strict diet plan and exercise. And in many cases a calorie controlled diet was also followed.

    Weight loss drugs can help you lose weight along and make you healthy if used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Weight loss drugs maybe a dream come true for most of the people but it surely can’t be used by all over weighty problems because their rare many health issues involved in some cases.

    These drugs are not for people who want to lose weight to look good and for purely cosmetic reasons .But doctors only recommend them to people who have failed in losing weight through other methods and are at a risk of real bad health issues. Doctors will only approve of using these drugs in cases  where other methods haven’t worked        , your body mass is more than 27 and you have medical complications of obesity such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and diabetes.

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    Effectiveness of using drugs

    Combining weight loss drugs with low calorie diet and regular exercise will surely be more effective in losing weight than just by changing lifestyle. Actually weight loss drugs don’t replace the need for         changes in your eating habits but they tend to produce a significant weight loss which sure has a positive impact on your health.

    Factors to consider

    Before starting to take these weight loss drugs you need a proper medical check up so that your doctor can recommend the drug which will be more suitable to you and cause you the least side effects. The doctor carefully needs to evaluate the potential benefits of the drug and weigh them against the risks involved.

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