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  • Buy xanax at cheap rates online
    By Health Blog on July 27, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Have you ever wondered, how much profit that a pharmacist earns on the medicine? The cost price of any medicine that you buy is less than the 50%. That is if you buy xanax for $2, the pharmacist buys it at a price lower than $1 and sells it at 50% profit. It may be strange but this is true. This is the reason why pharmaceutical business is so attractive. The down part of this is, you can’t get the medicine at lower prices than the M.R.P printed on the tablet sheets in retail shops. There are a few online medical stores which sell these medicines at lower prices with lesser profit.


    There are quiet a number of such online medical stores which offer the medicine at low prices. Searching all those stores and also finding which store is selling at what price is very hectic job and time consuming job. Then, it would be better if you find some website which stores the database of such stores and also shows the best price for any medicine. This will save both your time and money. ipharmacylist is one of the comprehensive websites that provide data of discounted pharmacy from various online stores. They don’t supply the medicine but they act as an intermediate person.

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