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  • Massage Is Much More Than A Luxury
    By Health Blog on June 17, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Most people are under the misconception that massages are a thing not meant for the common man; only billionaires have the right to get a massage while they are lying in their living room watching TV. But this notion is totally misplaced as recent researches have revealed the countless benefits which massage has for every one.

    Most people who work all day along in their offices, often complain of strained back or neck, pain in muscles and fatigue. Massage has the solution of all these problems.


    Patients who have high blood pressure should start taking massages on a regular basis as it eases their nerves and brings down their blood pressure. Moreover, it helps to boost blood circulation in the body which can keep you away from a heart stroke. 

    Massage also benefits those who suffer from cramps, muscle spasms and strained muscles. Massage helps to loosen tight muscles easing the blood flow and adding to the comfort of your body. Whether you get severely injured in a car crash or tear a muscle while paying a soccer match with your friends, massage also has the magical power of speeding up your recovery. 

    Apart form having good effects on your body, massage can also be beneficial to your mental health. Hypertension patients have also experienced relief after taking a massage as it eases their nerves and calms them down. Whereas, doctors also recommend a massage to depression patients as it relaxes their mind, helps them concentrate and allows them to sleep properly.

    With so many benefits each and every one of us should have a massage at least once a  week; either you are a student or work in a notice, you deserve a massage after spending hours on your job.

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  • Use Exercise Bike to Keep Yourself Fit
    By Health Blog on May 28, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Exercise is a basic ingredient in the life of every fit and healthy person. If you regularly spend some part of the day in doing some serious exercise, not only it will slow your ageing speed but it will also keep you in good shape. Many people prefer to go out in the sunshine to do some exercise, but in today’s busy lifestyle most people prefer to do exercise indoors.

    There are different kind of exercise equipments which one usually sees in a gym. Exercise Bike is one of the most preferred and effective exercise tool as it has many advantages.


    Exercise Bike is the most popular exercise equipment as it is one of the easiest to use. All of us have enjoyed bicycling in our childhood, therefore, we do not really feel like exercising when we’re spending time on an exercise bike. It takes very less space as compared to some of the other fitness equipments, and you can always carry it inside your living room, if the weather gets rough.

    There is very low chance of your injuring yourself by pulling a muscle or tearing a tissue when you use exercise bike, and for the same reason people from all age groups prefer it. Exercise bike is very effective when it comes to burning fat, and many therapists recommend its use to those who want to lose weight.

    Alongwith the use of proper nutritious diet, exercise also holds its significance in living a healthy life, and with the use of exercise bike exercise becomes fun.

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  • Acai Berry Supplements – A Natural And Healthy Way To Reduce Weight
    By Health Blog on May 11, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    You must have heard and seen many ads which claim that after use of a specific product, patients can lost as much weight as they want within a couple of days. But the problem is that none of that is true. Most of these offers are hoaxes, and only make you lose precious time and money while some even worsen your health state.

    In such a grim scenario, patients mostly remain skeptical about weight loss products and techniques. Experience shows that the most direct and effective way of losing weight is through change in diet and regular exercise. But if you follow this route to lose weight, it can take some time…………………….in fact it takes too much time.


    Acai Berry - An effective remedy for the overweights

    Therefore, the importance of the supplements you in-take in order to lose weight is of high importance. Acai Berry supplements have gained high popularity in recent times and many renowned doctors and experts have recommended to weight loss patients.

    The reason for its popularity is that instead of melting fat, Acai berry supplements provide the necessary vitamins and proteins to your body which makes your body more healthy. Its antioxidants help stopping waste buildup inside your body obliterating any extra weight in your body. So while you continue to take healthy diet and regular exercise, use of Acai berry supplements can quicken the pace of your weight loss.

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  • Drug rehabilitation process and precautions
    By Health Blog on May 4, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    Modern day’s health problems are not caused just by some bacteria or viruses, people use their lavishness and luxury in using harmful drugs and they get addicted to them. Initially, everything appears calms and safe but as time passes the drugs show their effect on the human body and they slowly take over the control from the brain and they create imbalances in the body. They create substance abuse in the human behavior. To get out of this, you must consultant a doctor or join a drug rehabilitation center where they try to decrease the intensity of usage of drug initially and finally make you feel comfort without taking drugs.

    substance abuse

    substance abuse

    Not all the rehab centers are good and they lack systematic procedure and drug abuse has become so rampant that they now even include recovery drugs. But there are a few rehab centers which treat the patients with emotional touch, individual care and support. Initially, they try to make a good relation with them and then they control the food and drink habits of the drug users. Slowly, they change their body’s attitude towards drugs and finally the get rid of the drugs intake without substance abuse. This isn’t an easy task, but this more effective and safer way to control the drugs.

    In California, Methamphetamine is the most common drug taken by the youth. This Meth creates huge pressure in the humans and there are great chances of suicide in the first 90 days of rehab, so extreme care has to be taken on those days and a constant human supervision is must. This drug is so clever that the drug users don’t realize that they are using a drug and it affects those who are closest to them. The rehab in California is making the rehabilitants to participate in all kinds of competitions and family unions. People need to understand that rehabilitation is a long and hard process that calls not only for mental and physical strength, but also for emotional strength from family as well.

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  • Simple ailments and their Ayurveda treatments
    By Health Blog on April 25, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Ayurveda is one of the things that Indians could be proud of, but nevertheless none could tap the entire knowledge from all the vedas completely to the layman’s tongue to be utilized in effective manner. Few household tips for simple ailments are as follows, the following are short term treatments and should be depended on these if at all the symptoms persist, rush to physician immediately.

    1. Cardamom is very effective in reducing cough and chewing it for long time can reduce cough and gives a quick relief or even decoction of it would also suffice.
    2. Extract juice from ginger add honey to it and give it to the patient.
    3. Soak few almonds in water overnight and make paste of them with butter and sugar and give it to patient suffering with dry cough

    Simple ailments and there Ayurveda treatments

    Simple ailments and their Ayurveda treatments

    1. Aloe Vera is well known cure for acne and is used as an ingredient in almost all the cosmetics pertaining to acne. Aloe Vera pulp is good natural cleanser. Its juice can be used over the acne eruptions to be cured.
    2. Carrot juice can be used as a treatment as it contains certain oils which will help indigestion.
    3. Egg whites should be used and applied after cleansing the skin thoroughly, and could be applied with a cotton swab.

    Stress and Alcoholism:
    1. Ginger is one that could reduce stress and constipation.
    2. Ashwagandha is one good herb that helps the patient get relieved from several common mental disorders and is advised to take in quantities of about 40ml per day to people who generally suffer from mood phobias ,anxiety etc.
    3. Brahmi is another such herb which herb which could be administered to children and adults less frequently who is suffering from restlessness and stress.
    4. Yoga is one another method which could help you get relieved from stress and several exercises to do so.

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