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» Miraculous Hoodia (p-57)

  • The Miraculous Hoodia (p-57) as a weight loss aid
    By Health Blog on September 11, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    The discovery of the Hoodia plants benefit for weight loss was discovered in the last century. The African Bushmen had been consuming this plant for a long time not as a weight reducing food but as it is hard to find food in the desert away from the village. People in the desert area started eating this cactus like food to ease their hunger pains and felt full after consuming it.

    Due to this further experiments were done on the Hoodia plant and scientist recognized the potential of a new apatite suppressant in it. The first experiments were done on rats and they were fed the hoodia plant and the rats stopped eating after sometime. The scientist found this odd as rats are animals that never stop nibbling but after being fed with this plant they didn’t touch the food given to them. And becomes of this research the scientist were able to extract and isolate the unknown molecule present in the plant which gave the feeling of fulfillment and it was named P-57

    This ingredient of the hoodia plant was the best in suppressing the appetite in an effective way. When our blood sugar level decreases the brain senses this and sends out the signal which actually makes us feel hunger pangs. And scientist found that the ingredient P-57 sends out the same signal to the brain which in turn fools the brain in thinking that the blood sugar levels are raised and stops hunger signals being sent to the brain. This results in less consumption of food as the feeling of fullness is onset and in this way we stay away from food.

    The hoodia plant is the best natural ingredient to be used foe apatite supplement as it has no side effects except for the feeling of fullness. The positive aspect of this unique discovery will surely give positive results and we hope to see reduced problems of obesity in the near future.

    Hoodia powder contains fiber, antioxidants, organic material and biologically active substances which help to fool the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. The Africans have used fresh hoodia plant or dried plant for a long time and especially at times of famine it had become their staple food.

    Properly formulated Hoodia supplement appear to alter the bodily function of appetite control in a manner that looks promising for the new healthy diet revolution.

    Some Facts on Hoodia
    Hoodia is a leafless plant. This plant was discovered by the South African tribe since prehistoric times. These people chewed the Hoodia plant twice a day to suppress hunger during the hunting season. Hoodia enhances the mood and so you will not feel irritated while you are on this program. This plant sure contains the miracle molecule p-57 and it has recently been turned into the best natural cure for obesity with truly no side effects.

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