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  • How to reduce motion sickness
    By Health Blog on July 14, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    In today’s world, we all people are attached to our chairs always in our jobs as well as when we are at home while watching T.V or when we are relaxing. This making us very lazy and makes us difficult to move and we feel hard to move any part of our body even. This is called as motion sickness also known as seasickness, car sickness, simulation sickness, airsickness or space sickness.

    This motion sickness sometimes dangerous and leads to paralysis due to the lack of moment of muscles that creates fatigue of our muscles. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Some of the cases in which this motion sickness occurs are when looking down into one’s lap to consult a map or attempting to read a book while passenger in a car may also bring on motion sickness. When we are suffering with this problem, the inner ear transmits to the brain that it senses motion but our eyes tell the brain that everything is still and nothing problem had occurred.

    The best and simple solution is to do exercises daily and one more simple technique is to use ground ginger which will be very effective than some of the medicines also. Also out of the window of the moving vehicle so that we may distract the brain from the state of hypnosis. One more option to get out of this problem is to just having a nice sleep. So enjoy the life without motion sickness with simple and easy tips.

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