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» Myths about weight loss

  • Myths about weight loss
    By Health Blog on July 19, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Before we begin to fulfill your New Year for purposes of losing weight, it is important to know the facts. In the American newspaper Daily Mail has published a list of myths about weight loss you should know. Here are some that might be interesting:

    -Exercise does not work only one area: limited to exercise the arms does not help – you need to work the whole body. The same goes for abdominals. You can make a series of six, but also to strengthen the top to see results if you also have fat there or nearby.

    -No need to exercise. But what you do: The diet is not enough to prevent re-gaining kilos and you can stay on your weight.

    -Exercise more stout to women, which fired its beautiful curves.

    -The olive oil helps you lose weight: It is a healthy fat, but it’s still a fat and is full of calories.

    -Running is bad for your joints. Why are brokers for over 10 years dedicated to this career? Would have happened several times in the operating room knowing that a certain idea.

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