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  • Natural techniques for depression
    By Health Blog on April 20, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Some people absolutely refuse to take prescriptions medications unless it’s a matter of life and death. Instead, they prefer to try a natural cure for depression. There are many natural treatments that people have tried in an attempt to deal with depression. Whether they work has not been scientifically documented in some cases, while others are known to be beneficial. A natural cure for depression is one that doesn’t rely on prescription medications as a solution. Instead, you may decide to try an herb or supplement or make dietary changes. Other natural cures involve learning relaxation techniques or massages to relieve stress. Whatever natural cure for depression you decide to use, it’s still important to keep your doctor informed. Depression is a serious illness and nothing to take lightly. Your doctor can help you monitor your progress while using natural treatment alternatives.

    natural treatment using herbs

    natural treatment using herbs

    You have a choice for a natural cure for depression. Actually, most people use more than one method. One of the commonly used treatments is herbs and supplements. St. John’s wort is considered to work as a natural antidepressant in cases of mild depression. It’s an ancient perennial that’s been used for centuries in alternative medicine treatments. One thing to always keep in mind is that herbs can interact with prescription medicines. That’s a good reason why you should always make sure your doctor knows what you are taking as supplements.

    Another natural cure for depression people try is taking vitamins and minerals. One of the symptoms of depression is a radical change in weight. When you aren’t getting proper nutrition, the problem only worsens. Also depression affects concentration and some vitamins and minerals are considered to be mental aids. These include vitamin B and folic acid.

    Yet another natural cure for depression is changing dietary habits. Turkey, for example, has an amino acid which assists the production of serotonin. Other foods include milk and potatoes. You can also eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as soybeans and fish. All of these foods can aid with the brain’s chemical production, insure you are getting proper nutrition and hopefully decrease depression.

    There are lots of other natural treatments for depression that people have tired including nerve stimulation. But one of the most popular is learning relaxation techniques which also may include massages. One of the causes of depression is an overload of stress. Relaxation methods teach you how to take control of anxious thoughts and turn them around. People who are anxious and depressed often make their situation worse just because they don’t know how to calm themselves. There’s no proof this is true, but it certainly cannot hurt.

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