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» Night blindness

  • Night blindness
    By Health Blog on August 28, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    This eye disease is the most common health problem between 1 and 5 years of age. It comes from not eating sufficient foods with vitamin A. signs of this disease may be noticed after an infection, especially in the malnourished children. If not recognized and treated properly then it will make the eyes complete blindness. So we should take care with the children and very difficult to identify also. But these are signs of night blindness.

    Signs of night blindness:

    • At first, the child may have night blindness and he may not be able to see the objects properly when it was dark.
    • Later he develops dry eyes. The white part of the eyes loses its shine and begins to wrinkle.
    • Patches of little gray bubbles form in the eyes.
    • As the disease gets worse, the cornea also becomes dry and dull and may develop little pits.
    • Then the cornea may quickly grow soft, bulge or even burst. Usually there is no pain and blindness may result from an infection or scarring or other damage.
    • This often begins or gets worse when a child is sick with another illness like diarrhea or measles or other illness that occur in the childhood.



    This problem can be very easily treated by eating proper foods that are rich in vitamin A. follow these steps for controlling the night blindness:

    • Breast feed the baby so that the baby gets all the necessary proteins and vitamins that are necessary at that age.
    • After age first 6 months, begin giving the child foods that are rich in the vitamin A like green leafy vegetables, carrot, red fruits, fish oil etc.
    • If the child is not likely to get these foods or if he is developing the signs of this night blindness then give him the capsules of vitamin A.
    • If the condition is already severe then give the children 200000 units of vitamin A.
    • In the communities where this night blindness is common give 200000 units of vitamin A at once.

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