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» nose bleeding

  • Reasons and Rids for Nose Bleed
    By Health Blog on March 15, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    nose bleeding

    nose bleeding

    Flow of blood from body makes the person really scared. No one can stop their emotions when the blood sips out of body. But there are some cases where blood bleeds from nose continuously instantly and unknowingly. Why this happen making mere nuisance for the common life? Are there any severe conflicts due to this nose bleed? This article clears the doubts and queries of nose bleeding step by step for the viewers.
    Nose bleeding is a seriously concerned health issue. Has it can lead to deadly threat to life. Nose bleeding is generally classified as two types. One is anterior nosebleed and the other is Posterior nosebleed.
    Anterior Nose Bleed:
    Anterior nose bleed begins from semi rigid wall termed as septum separating the nostrils of nose. These nostrils which consist of blood vessels and this will spill out the blood from the front part of the nose when any finger touches or due to the blow of nose. This is normal bleed having low symptoms of serious issues.
    Anterior nose bleed is quite common in dry whether conditions. Dry indoors, air dehydration has the chance to raise the culprit of bleed from nose. And this dryness leads to cracks, crushing and then bleeding. The only resolution for this issue is to apply moisturizer to the finger tips and then rub them in the nostrils.
    How can break anterior nose bleed?
    As anterior nose bleed is not a serious issue, it can resolved by themselves with out the role of doctors.

    • The first step to fallow is to calm the affected person, especially if he is a child. Wet the cotton with Neo synephrine and place it in to the nostrils. Before that press and pinch the nose by placing it in between tow fingers.
    • Let the person get relaxed either by sitting or lying on bed and laying the head back. This avoids the flow of blood from nostrils and reverses back.
    • Apply the ice crushed in a bag to nostrils and cheeks.
    • Allow the affected guy to smell the onions, as this spicy odor breaks the flow of blood.

    Posterior Nose Bleed:
    Posterior nose bleed is very serious issue of nose which begins from the deep of the nose with high pressure. The bleed continues and travels from back of the mouth to the neck part. It even extends if immediate precaution is not considered.

    rid of nose bleed

    rid of nose bleed

    Rid for Posterior Nose Bleed:

    • This is mostly found in old age people and it always seeks for a doctor immediately. Many researches have proven that the nasopharyngeal cancer is excluded for persistent posterior nose bleed.
    • As this is a severe effect, immediate consult of doctor is a wise step.
    • Controlling the blood pressure, as high blood pressure is one of the situation causing nose bleed.
    • Conscious steps are considerable for the people who met with nose or skull injures.

    Repeating Nose Bleed:

    Apart from this, there are cases where repeated bleeds attack. And the reasons behind this are

    • Usage of humidifiers in winter season.
    • Immediate lift of heavy loads after the attack of nose bleed.
    • Positioning the head higher than the heart.

    Precautions for Repeating bleed:

    • clean the nose from bleeding
    • use decongestant spray in to the nostrils for atleast four times.
    • On persist flow prefer the doctors suggestion.

    This steps can be helpful as a immediate home remedies for sudden nose bleed attempts.

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