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» Obesity

  • Top 10 Fattest States in America
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    America is fat.. morbidly obese in many cases. With a fast food store never far away and junk food companies allowed to aggressively advertise their poison whenever and wherever they want, I’m  surprised America isn’t fatter than it already is. In years to come we’ll look back and wonder how we let these evil companies advertise like they do, just as we now view the now banned cigarette advertising. (McDonald’s fast food restaurants and Coca-Cola fizzy sugar liquids being major worldwide sponsors of the recent London Olympic games just blows my mind!)

    obesity in america

    What is Obesity?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity kicks in when your body mass index or BMI is greater than 30. As an example if you are 5’4” or 1.63 meters tall and weigh more than 174 pounds 79 kilograms you are obese. If you are 5’9” or 1.75 meters tall and weigh more than 203 pounds or  92 kilograms you are obese.

    fattest americans

    In a CDC study it was found that non Hispanic black people tended to have the highest rates of obesity with 49.5% being obese, Mexican Americans with 40.4% obesity, Hispanics 39.1% obesity and non Hispanic white people being 34.3% obese.

    Top Ten Fattest American States
    Mississippi 34.9% obese
    Louisiana 33.4% obese
    West Virginia 32.4% obese
    Alabama 32.0% obese
    Michigan 31.3% obese
    Oklahoma 31.1% obese
    Arkansas 30.9% obese
    Indiana 30.8% obese
    South Carolina 30.8% obese
    Kentucky 30.4% obese
    Texas 30.4% obese

    I listed eleven states as Kentucky and Texas were equal, so technically it’s the top 11 fattest states ;-)

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  • Overweight problems
    By Health Blog on September 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    This became one of the most common problems faced almost all the people who are aging above 40 years. After the age of 40, people can’t do much work and they get tired with the small works very much as their body doesn’t have much strength to do more work. So these people rest more and eat more so they will get overweighed very easily. BMI is the correct index for the overweight and gives the measure of the obesity. If this BMI is more than 30 is considered as overweight but the health problems with the overweight starts from the BMI more than 21.

    Some of the major reasons for this obesity are:

    • Obesity occurs due to energy imbalance of the foods that we eat and intake of high calorie food or foods with high fat content.
    • Having the foods that are low in vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutritious foods.
    • Decreased physical exercises or physical activity and sitting in only one position in the job work whole day.

    The health problems that occur due to this obesity are several. But the most common health problems that occur are:

    • First and foremost health problem due to overweight is the heart attacks and cardiovascular problems and this takes away lives of several people every year.
    • Diabetes is the also one of the health issue that rise due to obesity and makes us very difficult to treat.
    • Paralysis also occurs as the fat contents or the cholesterol blocks the blood vessels in the brain.
    • Knee pains occur as the body gets over weighted and burden on the knees and legs increases.
    • This makes us addicted to eat more and more food and titillates us to eat which is the main reason for failure to control the overweight.


    How this can be reduced?

    • Following some of the individual self control we can reduce the overweight.
    • Take good diet with more proteins, vitamins and fewer fats.
    • Limit the number of times that we take food.
    • Take light food as much as possible before going to sleep.
    • Don’t sleep immediately after taking the food. Do some work before you sleep and after you eat.
    • Limit the intake o of sugars.
    • Daily do the exercises or any work for physical movement of the body.
    • Take more fruits and raw vegetables than general food.

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  • Get your medicine quickly and easily from the online clinic
    By Health Blog on July 17, 2009 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    The good old traditional hospitals have lost their shine with the advent of the online hospitals and online counselors. People hardly find time to invest their time in going hospitals and getting treated and hence they are buying all their medicine and diet pills online. This is a different generation who expects the results within a short interval and wishes to work at any instance in a day. If you are not going to change your hospital model and structure in accordance with the time and needs of the people, then you would probably never touch the end-line in the race.

    Unfortunately, only a few online clinics are reliable and trustworthy. Over weight is one of the common and irritating problems faced by any person. It is very tough to become slim and hence there is a requirement for using some pills prescribed good medical practitioner and in low doses. A few of my friends have tried various online medicines and suggested me to check onlineclinic website for medicine that helps you to become slim. Xenical is a slimming pill given after proposer consultation of the patient and after a thorough diagnosis.

    over weight

    Xenical is sometimes known as Orlistat , is also a medication, which helps you in reducing your weight. The good thing about these medicines is you won’t face any medical problems after using them. Though we suggest you to use medicine, you must do exercise daily and eat healthy and suitable diet. Although, it appears simple, if you don’t take proper care about your extra weight, you will face serious problems in near future.

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  • How to reduce fat content ?
    By Health Blog on June 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    So many people are suffering with problem of fat and obesity. Obesity is not the only problem we get due to fat but there are more severe problems like heart attacks etc. So the main reason for all these diseases is fat which we have to reduce by doing exercises and by any other way. There are so many devices like slim belts and other devices which are saying that they will reduce the fat content in our body and give very slim body but actually they all are fake. They only move the fats from one place to other place. The actual and right way to reduce fat is to convert it into energy by working or doing exercises or jogging etc. The diet we eat can also reduce s the fat content in our body because, when we reduce the food then the fats in our body will be used for generation of energy and they finally de removed. So diet control can also reduce the fat content in our body. But stopping the diet all at a time is also a problem so don’t stop the diet taking all at a time but try to reduce the oil foods and try to have the limited content of food.

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  • Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity
    By Health Blog on May 21, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments


    Obesity or overweight is a side effect of diabetes. Maybe ‘side effect’ is not the best variant, but I just wanted to say that a person who falls sick with diabetes can get overweight problems in addition to those caused by the disease.

    People who suffer from diabetes (any type of it) should care much more about their weight than anybody else. Here we can trace a string of logic: diabetes causes overweight, overweight potentially causes heart problems, stomach malfunction which in their turn cause exacerbation of diabetes.

    Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity

    Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity

    Diabetic diets are supposed to keep blood sugar level under control. It’s their major task. Having a normal level of blood sugar for a diabetic is vital because it helps ward off any future problems that can arise. Though, weight loss purpose is also important.

    So, first of all right diabetic diets suggest healthy nutrition, that contains a certain limited amount of sugar, carbohydrates and calories, and requires strict following to daily meal plan. All these factors have essential influence on body weight and on your fat mass as well.

    By the way, diabetic diets will be useful not only for diabetics, but for those overweight people who want to avoid having this disease.

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