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  • Top 10 Fattest States in America
    By Health Blog on August 15, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    America is fat.. morbidly obese in many cases. With a fast food store never far away and junk food companies allowed to aggressively advertise their poison whenever and wherever they want, I’m  surprised America isn’t fatter than it already is. In years to come we’ll look back and wonder how we let these evil companies advertise like they do, just as we now view the now banned cigarette advertising. (McDonald’s fast food restaurants and Coca-Cola fizzy sugar liquids being major worldwide sponsors of the recent London Olympic games just blows my mind!)

    obesity in america

    What is Obesity?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity kicks in when your body mass index or BMI is greater than 30. As an example if you are 5’4” or 1.63 meters tall and weigh more than 174 pounds 79 kilograms you are obese. If you are 5’9” or 1.75 meters tall and weigh more than 203 pounds or  92 kilograms you are obese.

    fattest americans

    In a CDC study it was found that non Hispanic black people tended to have the highest rates of obesity with 49.5% being obese, Mexican Americans with 40.4% obesity, Hispanics 39.1% obesity and non Hispanic white people being 34.3% obese.

    Top Ten Fattest American States
    Mississippi 34.9% obese
    Louisiana 33.4% obese
    West Virginia 32.4% obese
    Alabama 32.0% obese
    Michigan 31.3% obese
    Oklahoma 31.1% obese
    Arkansas 30.9% obese
    Indiana 30.8% obese
    South Carolina 30.8% obese
    Kentucky 30.4% obese
    Texas 30.4% obese

    I listed eleven states as Kentucky and Texas were equal, so technically it’s the top 11 fattest states ;-)

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  • How to find whether or not we are overweight
    By Health Blog on July 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    A simple way to know if the weight is within normal levels is to find the BMI for short or BMI. To find the VMI divide our body weight (in kilograms) by height us (in meters) squared. For example:

    if the weight of an adult male is 75 kg and height 1.80 meters, the BMI is 75 / 1802 = 23.14.

    The burden on our index BMI assessed as follows:

    BMI Assessment

    Weight less than 20 less than normal
    20 to 25 Normal
    25 to 30 overweight
    30 to 40 obese
    Over 40 Overly obese

    To have meaningful indications of the scale should be weighed every five days and preferably at the same time of day. As mentioned above the daily weighing may lead to wrong conclusions.

    How to stabilize our body weight ?

    The best way to maintain stable body weight is to us a balance between action hiring with food and energy consumed by the various physical activities. When you spend periods of intense physical activity is logical that we need more calories, and when we follow a sedentary life should be reduced accordingly and the action taken by the food.

    An important factor other than the correct calorie intake is to be a proper balance in nutrients. The foods we consume should contain all three types of nutrients ie carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, while it should be rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We should mention here that the vitamins minerals and trace elements do not contain energy, but it is essential to the body, and without them can not be carried out many vital functions of the body.

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  • Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity
    By Health Blog on May 21, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments


    Obesity or overweight is a side effect of diabetes. Maybe ‘side effect’ is not the best variant, but I just wanted to say that a person who falls sick with diabetes can get overweight problems in addition to those caused by the disease.

    People who suffer from diabetes (any type of it) should care much more about their weight than anybody else. Here we can trace a string of logic: diabetes causes overweight, overweight potentially causes heart problems, stomach malfunction which in their turn cause exacerbation of diabetes.

    Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity

    Diabetic Diets Fight against Obesity

    Diabetic diets are supposed to keep blood sugar level under control. It’s their major task. Having a normal level of blood sugar for a diabetic is vital because it helps ward off any future problems that can arise. Though, weight loss purpose is also important.

    So, first of all right diabetic diets suggest healthy nutrition, that contains a certain limited amount of sugar, carbohydrates and calories, and requires strict following to daily meal plan. All these factors have essential influence on body weight and on your fat mass as well.

    By the way, diabetic diets will be useful not only for diabetics, but for those overweight people who want to avoid having this disease.

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