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  • Laser treatment to remove acne without any scars
    By Health Blog on April 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Acne is becoming a scourge that is growing more and more difficult to live with. With the skin condition spreading to more adults as well as teenagers there are many different types of treatments that have been used to treat this condition. Some of the treatments have been successful and some fail drastically. The secret is in discovering which treatment will work best with which type of skin.

    For the lucky few types of acne can be treated with applicants and drugs that are available over the counter, but then there are the less fortunate who try to treat acne with these self-medication products and they are not so successful. In the meantime vital time is lost and acne consolidates itself and becomes very difficult to remove, leaving behind ugly acne. It is best to let a doctor decide which treatment is best for acne. Some doctors will recommend laser treatment as the best way to treat acne at the outset. This is because laser acne treatment is a very fast way to rid oneself of acne with little or no time for the condition to get rooted to the skin making treatment more difficult.

    Erbium laser treatment for acne scarring is fast gaining popularity with the facilities spread all over the world over. It is a technique that is being recommended by many doctors for the treatment of acne as it prevents scarring. Erbium is also known to effectively heal scars left behind by acne.

    laser treatment

    While laser is a very good treatment for acne it can be a bit on the expensive side so science has come up with an alternative treatment for acne during the active period of the disorder. This is a treatment that involves the use of aluminum hydroxide crystals that are used as an abrasive to remove layers of the skin. The abrasion removes the dead layers of the skin that assist in the spread of acne and cause a hindrance to the treatment of the disorder. Though this treatment is used only with the most severe forms of acne and used on acne that threatens to spread over the area. Aluminum hydroxide crystals are best used in areas such as the back and neck as these places are difficult to reach and need effective and fast treatment.

    Acne treatment requires a lot of time and patience for any form of treatment before a person can visibly see the results. Laser treatment for acne scarring is the fastest and the most effective way to rid one of acne and acne scars. Abrasive methods such as the use of aluminum hydroxide crystals are good for shallow scarring and not the deep forms of acne scars. It is best to resort to laser treatment for more severe acne scarring for a permanent and effective solution.

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  • Reducing Pimples
    By Health Blog on June 20, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    One of the most facial problem that the youngsters of these days facing is pimples. These pimples create dark marks and deep holes on our face which remains permanently and create a lot of disappointment and makes very shy to speak in the public and reduces the confidence in us.
    There are so many preventive measures that can prevent the pimples to emerge. Here are some of the things you should follow to reduce the effect of pimples.
    1. First of all stop pinching or disturbing the pimples. If you pinch them try to get the pus out of it, it may go for temporarily but the fat inside it won’t come completely and it again raises as a pimple and sometimes if we completely pop out the pus then it will surely create permanent holes on our face which can’t be treated further.

    2. Eat foods which contain less oil contents and fruits and vegetables that are in orange color. Generally oily faced people will get pimples because of the oil on the face hinders the sweat to come out of our face and then deposited and forms into pimples.
    3. Wash the face daily at least twice and this will reduce the oil on your face and wash it with any mild facewash cream or mild soaps.
    4. Actually there are some medical treatments for pimples which can’t solve the problem permanently but we can get some temporary relief.
    5. Try to put some facials made up of fruits or vegetables and honey which will bring brightness on your face and makes your face to look rich and healthy and also reduces the oil content.
    6. There is some good treatment in homeopathy for pimples which can stop the forming of the acne’s inside the skin which can’t be generally stopped by the medical face creams.
    7. Steaming the face will also bring the change very much by clearing the oil pores on the face and free flow of the sweat.
    Following these can surely solve the problem of pimples to a good level.

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