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  • Depression after giving birth – Postpartum Depression
    By Health Blog on April 17, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Postpartum Depression is an illness that needs to be studied so as you can be aware of the dangers and you can help other people who are suffering. Pregnancy is a difficult period and the thought of handling a new baby and the responsibilities involved in bringing up the child is something that can be frightening to a person who is not strong willed. Even if a person avoids alcohol and smoking, vigorous exercise and a stressful life, bad and negative thoughts can affect the baby growing inside.

    Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum Depression

    Reasons for Postpartum Depression

    Although people have discovered the causes of postpartum depression and have taken steps to eliminate it either through medication or counseling as in the case of Brooke Shields, it can still be prevented. A new mother is particularly susceptible, and postpartum depression is very much like depression.

    Childbirth can be stressful both physically and mentally – the body undergoes hormonal changes and this can be uncomfortable, while affecting a person’s moods. This is a leading cause of postpartum depression. Many mothers who have been unwilling to go through the process of childbirth and look upon it with fear are most likely to fall into postpartum depression. Instead of being joyful at the prospect of having a new baby and being a mother, they see it as something that will cause them strain, pain and stress.

    If a person is a victim of postpartum depression, it is absolutely necessary to visit a therapist, as the child can be hurt because the mother has angry feelings towards the child and feels that the child is the cause of all her problems like being overweight and unattractive. It is absolutely essential to seek a good therapist who will have counseling sessions with the person, and if all else fails, the therapist will put her on medication depending on the severity of the illness. This is something that cannot be ignored, as postpartum depression can be the root cause of even murder. The mother is unaware of what is taking place in her head and feels the child is responsible for all her physical and mental pain. In order to avoid a tragedy, it is best to seek out good medical advice, be in touch with a therapist who will guide you and help you to move forward with medication if necessary.

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