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» Precautions for giving injections

  • Precautions for giving injections
    By Health Blog on July 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Medicines are cured in different ways and some have to reach the muscles awhile others must be injected only under the skin. We need to follow some instructions to inject because this will affect the effectiveness of the drug and sometimes cause harm if not injected properly. There are different kinds of injections like intra-dermal which are to be injected just into the skin. Subcutaneous, which is injected just under the skin, into the fatty tissues in slanting position. Intramuscular is injected into the muscle and with horizontal position directly. Intravenous is injected into a vein. Only trained people should do this in emergencies to save people before getting medical help.
    Injections are often not needed. Most sicknesses that require medical treatment can be treated as well or better with simple medicines. Injections are used only when needed and through some trained and skilled health workers. Injection can be given when the person is not able to swallow the medicine given or is unconscious and during certain medical emergencies and in some special cases only. Injection is given when we when it is emergent and get the medical help immediately.
    There are some don’ts that we should follow. Never give injections only if you can get medical help quickly. Never give only for sickness that is not serious. Never give injections for cold or flu. Never inject medicines that are not recommended for illness you want to treat. Never inject a medicine unless you know and take all the recommended precautions.

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