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» precautions for using medicines

  • Take extreme care when taking medicines
    By Health Blog on August 19, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We should take extreme care when the person is suffering from a disease or particularly when a woman is pregnant. If we take medicines in some situations will lead to more health problems so we should take extreme care when taking medicines. There are several general situations in which we should not use medicines. If the situation is so serious and need medicine then we need to contact the doctor for precautions and proper usage. These are some situations in which we should not take medicines.

    • Pregnant women who are breast feeding should avoid all medicines that are not absolutely necessary.
    • With newborn children, be very careful when giving medicines to them. Whenever needed contact for the medical help and then give the medicine. Give as small amounts as possible.
    • A person who had any sort of allergic or allergic reactions like itching, skin rashes, irritation when given some type of medicines like penicillin then never use them again and contact the doctor for the other remedial medicines for the same problems.
    • Persons who are suffering with heart problems or ulcers or asthma should avoid medicines that contain aspirin. Most of the pain killers make the ulcers more badly.
    • There are specific medicines that are harmful or dangerous to take when you have certain illness.
    • Persons who are dehydrated or have disease of the kidneys should be especially careful with the medicines they take. Don’t take more than one dose otherwise it could poison the body.


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