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  • How to deal during delivery of pregnancy?
    By Health Blog on April 14, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    After carrying for nine months, women give birth to a baby. It is not that much easy as we say. We should take so much care at this period of time. Even a small mistake may lead to several problems and difficult to deal with. So we should know the measures that we should follow at the time delivery and how to know before that you are going to give birth to a child.

    Early Signs:
    Very few women will experience the “breaking of waters” as a first sign of giving birth. The water that comes out will have slightly salty smell and it is clear and a bit sticky with some flecks. After this labor pains will start within 24 to 48 hours.

    pregnancy care

    1. Let the doctor know immediately about water has broken. He may apply an antiseptic cream around the opening to your uterus so that you have protection against it until your baby is born.

    2. When the labor pains started, don’t take any batch but take showers. If you have vomiting or diarrhea then it is an indication for the early labor pains and the pains may start within 12 to 24hrs of time.

    3. Don’t try any kind of herbal remedies or any kind of inducers for labor without advice from doctor.

    4. Some of the medical problems that are caused before the labor pains need doctor’s help immediately. They are
    a. Abdominal pain
    b. Bleeding in the vagina
    c. No movement of fetus for 24hrs
    d. Blurry vision or severe headache
    e. Constant vomiting
    f. Swelling of eyelids

    5. Take plenty of time to get to the hospital if you are living far from the hospital or any other village.

    6. Just relax and wait until the time comes. Eat healthy food which is rich in proteins like vegetables, fruits. Don’t eat much at the time of delivery and don’t let your stomach empty.

    7. You may have false labor pains known as Braxton-Hicks contractions which will last only for 30 seconds. Walk to get relief from these pains and you will not feel much discomfort with this kind of pains.

    8. After that the contractions may increase and become stronger and they may occur for hours and we can get the indication that these are labor pains as these don’t stop even after you walk or change the positions and these are very painful.

    9. Then, the cervix starts to expand and become thin. This process may take 10 hrs if it is your first time and 2 or 3 hrs if you already gave birth to a child.

    10. As the time progress, you may feel more intense contractions and you may feel relaxed in between the contractions. This problem comes because of the pressure and the weight that the baby puts on your organs.

    11. Then you should start pushing the baby out gently and after so many struggles the baby will come out and then the doctor will cut the umbilical cord. This is the end and the new baby comes out to face the world.

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