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» problems of cooldrinks

  • Problems due to drinking soft drinks
    By Health Blog on June 22, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    People in today’s world are very much addicted to cool drinks and most of the people even stopped drinking water when they are thirsty and started to drink cool drinks. They give us very much satisfaction and excitement at the same time they are becoming cause for so many health problems. Do you know that an American on an average drinks 150 quarts a year which doesn’t contain any calories or nutrients at all. The excessive advertisement is the major reason for this situation. Whatever it may be, we have to know the problems that will arise due to drinking of soft drinks excessively.
    Soft drinks contain carbonated and sweetened water which increases the problem of obesity which is one of the major problem faced by today’s youth. These soft drinks are very much habituated and children stopped drinking milk, fruit juices and other good drinks which is causing a large change in diet and reduced amounts of calcium, proteins etc. The other problems that are caused due to soft drinks are diabetes, tooth decay, osteoporosis, heart diseases and many neural disorders. The other major part that soft drinks effect is liver which has no treatment but only to transplant which has almost 0 success rate. So many people had the myth that soft drinks will reduce the problem of acidity but it is one of the major cause for acidity. It increases acidity very much because it reduces the acid content in our digestive system and reduces its effectiveness. Cool drinks like coca-cola and pepsi have much content of phosphorous which reduces the content of calcium in our body and causes the bones problems. Soft drinks like mazaa, slice have no better storing mechanisms and after some days fungus and bacteria is forming which we can’t see and this causes so many diseases.
    So try to reduce the drinking of soft drinks and drink fresh, cool water as much as possible which will help our health very much in balancing our bodily mechanisms.

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