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  • Reasons for snoring during sleep
    By Health Blog on April 10, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    There are in reality so many factors that lead to snoring and most of these factors vary from person to person; however, there are some major root causes of snoring. Snoring is the noisy disturbance produced by the movements of airflow during sleep. It is the noise emitted when there is a restriction experienced in the out flow and in flow of air in the respiratory passages.

    It has been observed that this noise called snoring is usually experienced only during sleep. This makes me wonder why the noise is only made when an individual is asleep. If one will snore, why not during ant time of the day, especially when awake, but this is not possible, because the snoring sound is a product of muscles that are relaxed and inactive. When the respiratory muscles are active, there cannot be snoring.

    snoring problem

    The vibration occurs only during sleep, because of the softness of the different parts of the respiratory system at the point of sleep, all these organs are relaxed, and hence the noise of snoring becomes obvious.

    There are different types of snores as a result of the disparity in the level of sounds produced varying from one person to another. The level of the produced sound is directly proportional to the level of strength with which the air passing through the respiratory passages. If the air passage is very forceful, then, the sound of the snore will be very high and vice versa. In this case even a baby can snore, but the sound produced in this case is very mild and makes no visible difference, since the air passes with very little force or strength.

    The act of snoring while sleeping is common to both men and women at all ages, but studies have proved that men of middle ages are more prone to the attack of snoring than others. In general men are more affected by snoring than women, because of the differences in the structure of the neck. The neck of a man is larger than that of a woman and other organs in the respiratory system differs, leading to the sexual disparity in snoring. This in conjunction with the fact that the forcefulness of air passages are higher in men than in women.

    Furthermore, the production of the birth hormones called progesterone in women also makes them less prone to snoring, because these hormones produced during pregnancy and lactation prevents snoring since it gives remedy to the act of snoring. It has also been discovered that some devices to stop snoring actually contain these hormones as an antidote to snoring. Apart from these above mentioned, some other factors below can cause snoring:

    1. If someone is obsessed, snoring cannot be avoided.

    2. Drunkenness can also cause snoring.

    3. If you are experiencing flu with cold, the nasal passages might be blocked leading to snoring.

    4. Other factors can also block the air passages such as allergies leading to snoring.

    5. Some drugs can dry up the nasal passages.

    6. The cavities of the nose can thicken resulting to snoring

    7. If you have a large belly, snoring is unavoided.

    8. With a tongue that is large, the respiration will be blocked causing snoring.

    9. If you use too much sprays nasally, snoring occurs.

    10. Smoking of cigarettes leads to inflamed air paths causing snoring.

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