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» Removal of age spots

  • Removal of age spots
    By Health Blog on July 11, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Age spots are one of the biggest concerns for the people who are above 40s. Majority of the people try to reduce these spots. Also known as liver spots, sun spots, or lentigines are usually flat, harmless brown skin disclosures occurring on hands, face and neck. These spots are generally caused due to the sun for many years and can be reduced by using sunscreen lotions regularly. These spots increase in number as our age grows. These threats are not harmful and no need to be treated. The major reason for these spots is sunlight exposure. Excessive sun damage which is not treated on time leads to the skin cancer also. Try to cutting from the sun light is the only solution for this problem of age spots. There are some advanced laser treatments for the removal of age spots. This is the only permanent and fast technique for the removal of age spots.Sun Spots_0

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