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  • We can all keep our eyes look young and healthy!
    By Health Blog on September 28, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    eye thumbnail


    The first step in achieving a younger and healthier looking face is by taking extra care of our eyes. We all know how hard it is to achieve and maintain perfect skin around our eyes, we can all fall victim to wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles around our eyes.
    Don’t fear though! There are ways that we can overcome these issues quickly and easily. Here are some tips that can ensure that we are looking our best!

    Eye treatments

    Our eyes are the first thing that many people look at, and it is therefore important to make sure that they are looking the best that they possibly can. The skin around our eyes can become very vulnerable, so it important to use the best treatments when taking care of this skin.

    Eye bags

    Eye bags can make us look tired and worn out. They can be a result of many causes, such as lack of sleep and allergies. These can be easily treated with an eye bags cream which rejuvenates the skin and creates a more vibrant look.

    Eye wrinkles

    An eye wrinkle treatment can also be a fantastic way to keep your eyes at their blinking best! These magical treatments can seemingly turn back time and restore healthy looking skin around your eyes.

    Dark circles

    Dark circles cream can also be used in as the order to combat the problem of eye dark circles, with minimum fuss. Dark circles can leave you looking fatigued and stressed but they can be vanished for good with the use of these creams.

    There are skin care products out there that actually balance quality treatment with affordable prices, a perfect combination!

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  • What to do After You Use a Wrinkle Cream?
    By Health Blog on July 14, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people use popular wrinkle creams, such as the LifeCell brand of anti wrinkle cream, Dermitage, or others. They use the top rated wrinkle creams in an effort to conceal facial wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin impediments that make them look older. Until now, most consumers of anti wrinkle products have wondered what to do after using one of these fine anti aging treatments. That has all changed with the release of the DNA Rejuvenation System by EliteSkin.

    This facial rejuvenation system is a way to maintain the effects of any anti aging product or skin treatment. Even injections, such as Botox, can be prolonged by using the three part product system offered by EliteSkin.

    This system of skin rejuvenation products works to do three things to the skin:

    • Restore telomere length by using the Telomere Cell Cream
    • Promote cellular regrowth with human growth factor found in the HGF Youth Elixir
    • Maintain healthy, shiny skin with the daily use Cryogenic Moisturizer

    The Cryogenic Moisturizer is perhaps the most impressive skin product launched in 2010. The daily use moisturizing cream is applied to the face after being stored in cool temperatures. It’s cold-activated, and you will know it’s ready to use when the label changes from white to blue in color. This technology and process is patent-pending and is only available from EliteSkin.

    Perhaps this is the best way to maintain the effects of any prior wrinkle treatment, and this three part DNA Rejuvenation System sells for $139 at EliteSkin’s official website or Amazon.com outlet.

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  • Eye Serum’s or Eye Creams?
    By Health Blog on December 1, 2009 | No Comments  Comments
    eye serum

    eye serum

    The latest hot trend in skin care seems to be eye serum. There are many reasons for this, but primarily it is because serums do not contain the heavy oil that most eye creams are based upon. Oil is a common cause of irritation around the eye area. For instance, the award winning Elite Serum from EliteSkin has recently been clinically tested and proven to contain no irritants. Furthermore, oil causes acne, particularly when it makes its way onto other areas of the face. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul, as acne can be even more unsightly than wrinkles.

    When choosing an eye serum, as a skin care professional, I would suggest looking for something that not only reduces wrinkles and dark circles, but a serum that will moisturize the skin. Accordingly, Aloe Vera is a very underrated eye serum ingredient, as it is the world’s most prolific moisturizer. Avoid eye cream and eye serums that contain glycolic acid. This is particularly important for young people as young skin is very vulnerable to the harshness created by this irritant. Glycolic acid removes valuable skin cells surrounding the eyes. While this may be a ‘quick fix’, the long-term damage effect can be staggering.

    eye serum

    eye serum

    Finally, I would further recommend using a good sunblock, one with at least 30 SPF if you plan to remain outside for more than a couple hours. Sunblock will reduce your chances of developing wrinkles. Even better, is using a sunblock that contains active wrinkle fighting peptides. I have heard of a new sunblock product coming out by WrinkleSystem that contains Argireline. This is definitely very innovative and I will be exploring this more in depth in future columns. Furthermore, I would recommend wearing sunglasses when possible as they significantly diminish instances of squinting, which is another major cause of wrinkles.

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  • On The Sunscreen
    By Health Blog on August 4, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    woman-back-sunscreen11We all love being in the sun, and who does not want to have the best tan in the town. But it is never safe to lie around in the sun without proper protection. It is a very well known and scientifically proven fact that sun rays have a damaging effect on the skin causing premature ageing and even worse, skin cancer.

    This is even more true, for those with lesser melanin in your skin. The lesser the melanin in your skin, the fairer your complexion and vice versa. The youthful tan looks pretty, but excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin blisters, and even squamous and basal cell carcinoma, the prevention of which can be attained through the use of the sunscreen.

    But since sunscreen products have a chemical composition despite the claim of the most of consisting organic constituents, they have known to produce certain complications as well, such as causing mothers to give birth to underweight babies and even malignant melanoma. Therefore moderation should be kept in mind while using the sunscreen.

    But all in all, the risks from the ultraviolet and other harmful radiation in the sunlight can not be denied and the steps that can be taken for their blockage includes the use of sunscreen, and most of the people realize its importance. 

    And as in the words of Baz Luhrmann:

    Trust me on the sunscreen…

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  • Moisturize Your Face
    By Health Blog on August 4, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Socially speaking, Your face is the most important part of your body. This is how the world recognizes you and stands for the symbol of your person. So it is no wonder that people take lots of pains in order to have an attractive and vibrant face.

    But beauty is not merely natural features. You could lose the effect of the natural beauty of your face by not taking proper care. There are a lot of ways to care for the skin of your face. It is also important because for most of the people, their face remains uncovered and exposed to the exterior environment all the time. This increases the stress on the skin of the face and further necessitates the need to work on it.


    Moisturizing your face guarantees its freshness


    It is important to use a face-cleanser, and given the facts mentioned above, on daily and uninterrupted basis.  And do not over-wash your face with soap, which would result in damaging of your face skin. A moisturizer of quality will not only help reducing and controlling the ill effects of dirt, soap, the itchiness they bring and helps the skin maintain its youthful turgidity and firmness, which is often lost through the premature ageing of the skin. Smoking, drinking and not getting enough sleep also deteriorate the health of your facial skin.


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