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» Skin problems

  • Basic precautions for skin problems
    By Health Blog on August 22, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Skin problems occur when we don’t keep ourselves clean. These diseases mostly occur when we don’t take the bath properly, when our environment is not clean, contacts with the person who was infected etc. These skin problems don’t lead to death but affects our beauty and cause so much irritation. If the skin diseases occur more severely then we had to face several social problems as we can’t hide this problem. There are some basic rules that we should follow always to prevent the problems of skin diseases and the problems related to skin.


    1. If the affected area is hot and painful, treat it with heat. Put the moist clothes on it.
    2. If the affected area itches, stings or oozes the clear fluid, treat it with cold. Put cool and wet clothes on it.
    3. If the skin got serious infection such as inflammation, swelling, pain, heat and pus then do the following:
    • Keep the affected area still and elevated.
    • Apply hot and moist cloth on it.
    • If the infection is severe then give antibiotics if the person gets the fever.
    • If there are swollen lymph nodes, a red line above the infected area or bad smell then seek the medical help immediately.
    1. If the infected skin forms blisters or a crust or oozes out, itches or burns then apply the soaked cloth in cool water with white veniger or potassium permanganate to cool water. Then rub with the vegetable oil when the skin is peeling out to soften the skin.
    2. If the affected part is exposed to the sunlight then prevent from sunlight.
    3. If the areas are severely affected then don’t cover them with the thick clothes and make them exposure to the sunlight.

    These are some of the general treatment measures for the skin problems.

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