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  • Tips for Tightening Skin After Weight loss
    By Health Blog on August 8, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    loose Skin

    Loose skin

    Highly sophisticated life with all the pretentious food to the current trend makes them fat with full of calories in body. This tends many to look odd, out of shape and finding different from other normal people. To avoid this appearance many are striving and struggling on walkers, rollers and other different exercise equipments. There are very few who are controlling their daily food intake and taking effective exercises to loose their weight. But if you find such people who lost lots of weight in very short time, you can find loose skin in different parts of the body like around the eyes with dark circles, loose tummy, loosen skin and tone loss. These are the problems which generally lead to new barrier in future. To avoid this, there needs to be a perfect technique which makes you slim simultaneously attractive.  Now the article keens its concentration on few tips which are very effective. Even you turn your concentration on towards the tips and find effective results.

    Improve Skin Elasticity:

    • Nourish your skin for improving its elasticity. Try to remove the dead cells by exfoliating the skin this can improve the tone and leads to easy blood circulation. Maintaining daily once, it improves the skin fitness.
    • Alovera, Almond, Soy proteins extract makes you skin more flexible. Apply the extracts of these things when you are under process of fast weight loss.
    • Have a bath of an hour by adding pure sea salt to the hot water and shower it on body. This long process of bath removes the toxins out from body and relaxes your body muscles. With this skin starts contracting and tighten.

    Food Barriers:

    If your fast weight loss is because either exercises or of surgeries, it’s of sure to maintain food without oil and fat content. As oil and fat contents gets stored in some fixed places and this improves the particular part enlarge. For better suggestions, consult your doctor or gym trainee.

    Prefer for raw food like tomatoes, coconut, cucumbers which really effects on skin tightening role. It reduces the Hyaluronic acid which is very part of body acids and improves the weight quite easily. By preferring to raw food and greenly leaves this will be with in the limit.

    Plenty of Water:

    Plenty of water hydrates the skin and improves the skin softness in quite shorter time. Water is the best most solution which really improves the skin tone and clarity. Minimum intake of 8liters of water can remove the toxins which are roots are loose skin.




    Exercise is the one which fits your skin in very shorter time. Any kind of exercise specially makes the muscles strong and tight with this skin gets tighten. Prefer for the exercises like push ups, running, jogging, swimming, skipping, and any thing which effects.

    Crunches are the one which plays a great role in tightening the tummy. Stomach crunches are effective in tightening the muscles.

    Prefer for the skin massages which removes the dead cells and relaxes the muscles from dirt and dullness. Massage with mustard oil returns the skin elasticity in very shorter span of time.

    Try with these things which suits your skin and which are available. So that you can both slim and tighter skin shorter span.

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