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  • Use spinal brace regularly to relieve from pain
    By Health Blog on July 2, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Excessive working and some accidents put immense pressure on the spinal cord which may result in the spinal pains and problems (commonly known as back problems). Not all the spinal problems must be removed through surgery only. You can get relieved from these problems using some of the spinal and braces and with regular exercises. All it is important is identifying the problem correctly and diagnosing it properly as many people have a myth that every spinal cord problem can also be solved using surgery. Spinal problems occur when your spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and nerves, when the curvature of your spinal cord increases between 20-40 degrees. Neck problems are also caused in the similar way.

    spinal brace

    spinal brace

    Recently one of my friends had an accident while he was going to his home from the office. One of his spinal rib bones is broken, and then he used back braces from aspen medical products, one of the leading companies who provide braces for back and neck. Back braces and neck braces designed by Aspen Medical Products offer the best technically engineered neck and back pain solutions available. The braces are fully customizable and incredibly comfortable. He has undergone some sever pain and by following some guidelines he was recovered soon. I would like to share those with my readers so that it may help you also. Here they are

    • The most important is check whether you are using the correct kind of brace or not.
    • Do small neck or spinal exercises to maintain muscle tone and body strength. This will also makes it easier for you to wear brace.
    • The brace has to be cleaned daily, dry it and wear it gently after having the shower.
    • Wear brace as tightly as possible.
    • Though you feel shy to wear brace to your school/college/office, wear it. Because wearing it continuously for 20 hours a day will show quick results.

    Try to follow these tips after consulting your physician. One last advice is if you are having very severe neck and back pain then better opt for a surgery. I have tried to explain about the back and neck pain problems, spinal braces in non-technical term as you may feel it easier to understand. Please write back or comment if you want to know more information.

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