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  • Rids of Spinal Anguish
    By Health Blog on October 11, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    back pain

    back pain

    Now a days the more comfort raising more issues. It has become common that every one is striving for strain free and sweat less work. For which most of us prefer jobs in office rather than in field. Its not the case with only employee, but also with students who start sitting from the age of 4 and they continue until the end of the life. Despite of playing hours a student generally sits for 5 hours. This sophisticated life also raises many health issues. Among this most major issue is back pain.  Many of us generally concentrates on health tips of diet, heart etc., but no one will concerns of back pain unless we face it.

    Spine- keen point of back:

    Spinal is the group of bones which is of four regions. From the neck to the pelvis, its of cervical region, thoracic region, the lumbar region and the sacral region. All this regions work together and provide the support for holding body’s upper part weight. A tunnel exists along all the bones of back providing the protection from neck to the end of the spinal. Calcium and phosphate are the two minerals which make the bones strong and tuff to face the damage to certain extend. Considerably less amount of mineral can lead to back pain issues.

    Ligaments and Muscles of Back:

    Ligaments and muscles are the attached supports offering the maximum energy on it. Ligaments are the one which holds the muscles and bones from the neck to the tip of the bone. This ligaments are of elastic to certain extend and they offer flexibility of only one side to maximum extend.  Any accidents or back pains are due to the cause of poor performance of ligaments.

    Muscles are the founders of spinal cord having the complete flexibility and providing maximum support to hold the weight of the body and easy movements. Muscles are the one having the maximum stretching and contracting ability unlike the ligaments.

    Rid of Backpain

    Rid of Backpain

    Joints and Nerves:

    Facet joints are the part of spinal cord which are of four parts got attached to each other and will rub during its movements. They got located at the back side of the spinal cord and their purpose is to protect the spinal bones. These joints are meant for the free movements of the body. On irritation or injury, they cause severe pain in complete back pain.

    Nerves, the messenger  is the other important relevant concepts of spinal cord. This passes through the spinal cord bones from the brain and gets connected to the rest of the body. This makes the body to interact with every part of body.

    All together forms the complete working of your spinal cord. Any injury or stress or lack of minerals can lead to the  pain which may be resolvable or may not be. So proper treatment and rids are pretty essential to gain the relief in shorter time.

    Immediate Rids:

    Try to give rest to the back, when it feels stressed and tired as back is the main part of the body and nothing can be done without it. Its quite important to provide maximum relief.

    Move your Body: Don’t get fixed to the desktop more than hour. Even in office try to move your body, have a small walk and provide relief to back for every half an hour.

    Ice for Inflammation: Apply ice over the swelled part of back which reduces the pain and yields an instant relief.

    Compress Massage: Prefer for compression or massage on back where you feel pain. With this the over flow of blood over back will returns to its normal flow.

    Consult Doctor:Frequent pain of back need to be resolved soon by consulting doctor, as the risk of severe cases of back pain can be avoided.

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