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  • Swellings
    By Health Blog on July 24, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Swelling of the feet and other body parts is one of the general problems faced by most of the women during pregnancy. This problem is caused by number of different reasons, some minor and other serious. But if the face or other parts of the body are also swollen, this is usually the sign of serious illness.

    Women’s feet sometimes swell during the last three months of pregnancy. This is usually not serious. It is caused by the overweight of the child and puts pressure on the veins of the feet and limits the blood flow. If the face and hands also swell and if she feels dizzy, headache, urine problem then she may be suffering from poisoning of pregnancy and need immediate medical help.

    Old people who spend a lot of time sitting in the one place often get swollen feet because of the poor blood circulation. However, swollen feet in the older persons may also due to heart problem and kidney disease.



    To reduce swelling, treat the sickness that causes it. Use little or no salt in food. Herbal teas that make people urinate a lot usually help very much and when you are sleeping keep the les on some higher position and don’t spend time by putting your legs down. In case of cellulites, an antibiotic like penicillin is required.

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