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  • Protect yourself from Swine Flu – Influenza A (H1N1)
    By Health Blog on August 25, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Today is everyone is frightened of swine flu, scientifically known as Influenza A (H1N1), so we thought of providing some useful tips that will helpful in protecting yourself from swine flu. Swine flu is an extreme case of common flu with high fever, pain in neck and severe cold. Below are some guidelines that will be helpful in minimizing the potential exposure to the virus and also helps in controlling the spreading of this harmful disease.


    We earnestly request you to spread awareness about this to as many people as possible. Also educate others about the preventive measures that have to be taken to fight against this dreadful virus.

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  • How to deal with swine flu?
    By Health Blog on August 14, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    All over the world the hot topic that’s going now is about Swine Flu. Recently it hit the Asian countries including India after severely attacking the western countries. People are afraid of this disease as there is no permanent medicine that was discovered till now. Even the medicine that was discovered and thought to attack swine flu was useless. Actually the problem is that it acts very similar to cold and cough that we catch usually when the climate is cool but the only extra symptom with swine flu is that we get fever along with cold and cough. Even though very less people who attacked with swine flu died but we should consider it as a serious issue as it doesn’t has any medicine to cure. Actually this disease spreads very easily through the air when we cough or sniff so preventing this is somewhat difficult as we can’t stop people who cough or sniff.  “Prevention is better than cure” so we should follow some preventive measures to reduce the spreading of this disease and to prevent ourselves from getting this disease.  Here are some of the preventive measures that should be followed:

    • Don’t involve in the mass meetings as if any one of them is affected, we can easily affected.
    • Always use the mouth mask when you talk with others.
    • Don’t shake hands or any other kind of body attachments with a person suffering from the flu. Even if you do, clean your hands cleanly with some anti-bacterial solution.
    • Clean your hands before eating or after you complete your job.
    • Take hot drinks like a hot coffee or black tea which can show good effect on cold.
    Be careful with this virus

    Be careful with this virus

    There are some scientifically proved prevention measures for swine flu using very simple household products. They are:

    • Inhale clove oil or eucalyptus oil for some seconds.
    • Chew 1 clove every day.
    • Take as much garlic as possible along with the food as it contains so many useful antibacterial products.
    • Drink hot milk with turmeric in it.
    • Consume plenty of vitamin C fruits like lemon or oranges or Amla.

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