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  • Teeth Bleaching
    By Health Blog on August 10, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
    Teeth Bleaching

    Teeth Bleaching

    Every one of us is seeking for perfection in appearance going through different cosmetic process. It can be face, skin or teeth. Whatever the problem is, there is a solution for every problem either temporarily or permanently. Among all having genuine white teeth without any defects is rare. The reasons for it could be addictions, things consumed, genus, use of fluoride water. In order to obtain such natural whiten teeth, many of us consult doctors and goes through different treatments. Among all, teeth whitening are mostly preferred by all of us. And for that mostly accepted solution is tooth bleaching. But tooth whitening can lead to several problems which may turn to non solution issues. This articles deals with the problems which will rise because of bleaching teeth using various methods.
    Tooth Bleaching
    Tooth bleaching and whitening are meant for the removal of stains over the teeth. Based on the status of teeth stain, the bleaching techniques will be applied. Stains will be generally categorized in to extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains over teeth take place because of prolonged consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco etc. Whereas intrinsic stains occurs due to the excess fluoride injection in body, trauma and drugs addiction. Sometimes it can be of teeth color from birth, thickness of color. For all this, there is a solution through bleaching.
    By consulting the dentist, they offer high level of peroxide after cleansing the teeth and covering the gums. For optimal results they suggest for two more sittings. Apart from this, there are general home usage kits, which can be directly used by the users without the involvements of doctor’s consultation. But for this, user has to choose the side effects free teeth whitening kits.

    This cosmetic teeth procedure a double package, it offers white teeth and offers few side effects. The side effects can vary from minute to non curable cases. Few of them are gum irritation, enamel damage, leakage, zingers, tooth sensitivity, leakage, and oral cancer.
    Bleach Leakage:
    The bleach leakage may takes place when patient has the cracked tooth. The bleach moves in to tooth and effects tooth pulp. And it results to severe pain and to resolve this again, dentist need to perform root canal procedure.
    Irritation of Gums:
    Due to the teeth whiteners of hydrogen peroxide, there is chance of gums irritation if they are not covered safely. This irritation in patients range from mild to moderate based on the usage of bleaching.



    Zingers by Home teeth bleaching:
    By the home teeth bleaching techniques, there is a chance to cause intense, sharp pains which are named as Zingers. There is no specific reason for the cause of zingers, but many studies states that it’s because of car amide peroxide level in the teeth whitening gel.
    Tooth sensitivity is another problem which occurs during this cosmetic procedure. It’s based on the patient’s level of reaction towards whitening bleach. Doctors can suggest applying desensitizing gels before or after the treatment.
    Loosing Enamel:
    Enamel is the most important factor for healthy teeth. By the usage of few of the home made remedies, there are hard chemicals which can affect the enamel of teeth and results to drastic cases of tooth gums.
    Many researches also posted that there is very close relation between the whitening bleaches and oral cancer. Over usage of teeth whitening bleach can affect the tongue and thoughts and results to the birth of oral cancer.
    Usage of cosmetic process for the whitening teeth is preferable, but it should not lead to over usage which results to unbearable side effects. Before going through any cosmetic dental process, consult the doctor and get clarified with its positive and negative effects and step forward.

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