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  • When something stuck in the throat
    By Health Blog on July 23, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    When we are eating food it is common that we think about other matters and the food particles may go into other parts as our esophagus opens. This makes the throat very harsh and when we are eating, something may stuck in throat and makes it difficult to breathe. Then we have to quickly do the following things:

    1. Stand behind the person and wrap your arms around his waist.
    2. Put your fist or your thumb against his belly above the navel and below chest bone and press into his belly with a sudden strong upward jerk.
    3. This forces the air from his lungs and should feel this throat and repeat this several times if necessary.
    4. If the condition is serious then tilt his head to one side and sit over him with the heel of your lower hand on his belly between his navel and chest bone.
    5. Make a quick and strong upward push and repeat this several times till the person feels better.
    6. If the condition is more serious and the person is not able to breathe then do the mouth to mouth breathing and make sure that he was able to breathe properly and immediately take the medical help.

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