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  • Moisturize Your Face
    By Health Blog on August 4, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Socially speaking, Your face is the most important part of your body. This is how the world recognizes you and stands for the symbol of your person. So it is no wonder that people take lots of pains in order to have an attractive and vibrant face.

    But beauty is not merely natural features. You could lose the effect of the natural beauty of your face by not taking proper care. There are a lot of ways to care for the skin of your face. It is also important because for most of the people, their face remains uncovered and exposed to the exterior environment all the time. This increases the stress on the skin of the face and further necessitates the need to work on it.


    Moisturizing your face guarantees its freshness


    It is important to use a face-cleanser, and given the facts mentioned above, on daily and uninterrupted basis.  And do not over-wash your face with soap, which would result in damaging of your face skin. A moisturizer of quality will not only help reducing and controlling the ill effects of dirt, soap, the itchiness they bring and helps the skin maintain its youthful turgidity and firmness, which is often lost through the premature ageing of the skin. Smoking, drinking and not getting enough sleep also deteriorate the health of your facial skin.


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  • Sweet tips to beauty
    By Health Blog on July 6, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    We all use sugar only for sweets or in foods but one thing we don’t know so much about sugar is that, it is used in so many body scrubs. Sugar brings beauty to our health. Sugar contains glycolic acid and it’s a good source for lactic acid. Some of the creams made of sugar acts as cleansing and detoxifying. Sugar when mixed with some other natural herbal powders releases some acids which makes the skin great. We can even make some of the creams body scrubs in some easy steps and make our body more beautiful very easily.
    The orange cream sugar body scrub, which is very great to remove the dead skin and give your skin a healthy glow. Mix sugar, milk, orange oil (few drops) and olive oil and then apply to your face and body and then massage in circular motion and then wash.
    Mix sugar, lemon oil and few drops of olive oil and then apply to body and after massaging wash with water. This makes your skin look brighter.
    Likewise there are so many creams that are prepared from this sugar. Sugar is natural and very inexpensive and very much useful for skin care.

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  • Healthy Hair Are Beautiful Hair
    By Health Blog on March 25, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    We have talked about controlling hair loss and what a menace this problem can be. But just conversely, beautiful hair can add a wonderful glow to your face and a sizable impact on your personality.

    There can be a number of ways through which we would be changing the way our hair look, but have you ever pondered about how much steps we take to make our hair healthy and strong from the root.


    healthy hair is beautiful hair

    As for excessive dyeing, it is needless to mention how much that can be damaging for your hair in the long run, as they contain numerous chemicals that you otherwise would not even think about going near to. Do not dye unless you really have to, and take patch tests for allergies that many good hair color products offer before getting to use them. Apart from skin irritation, they can cause hair breakage, skin discoloration, and even cancer.

    Rather wash your hair daily and regularly, while massaging them carefully with shampoo and in one direction to avoid damage. Learn about your hair type and choose a shampoo with a compatible intensity with your hair type. Massage your scalp regularly, that will help in regulating your blood circulation and treat your hair with jojoba, coconut or Indian Gooseberry oil at least weekly before washing for their strength.

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