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  • Organic gardening is the way
    By Health Blog on July 1, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Is your hobby gardening? And do you want to be earth-friendly by using organic products for growing your flower garden with full of healthy roses, very organic vegetables? So, this article is for you. Do you know that by going organic not just improves the environment; it also decreases the chances of growing disease in your family. Going organic can also provide some mental and physical benefits, long term savings and most importantly increases vitamin and mineral content in the soil.

    I’d a beautiful lawn with full of rose plants and vegetable plants. I used to buy some pesticides for them. In the beginning, it used to give good yields, but as time passed on, there were no good results. Whereas, one of my neighbors soil was very healthy and was yielding good number of vegetables and beautiful roses. When I enquired him about the same, I came to know that he was using organic products. He also warned me that there are many products available in the market which says they are natural but are different form organic. Do you know that people confuse Organic with natural? For any product to be said “Natural” there is no certification, but to say whether it’s organic or not there are certifications that are needed. Organic Materials Review Institute® (OMRI) is one such institute which reviews whether the product is organic or not. For example organic pest control is a certified product of OMRI. Safer brand products are on design spaces also. Have a look Saferbrand.com

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