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  • How to solve the problem of tonsils?
    By Health Blog on October 27, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    This is one of the problems that make us difficult to breathe and eat or drink anything. This problem generally occurs along with common cold. The throat may be red and hurt. When we already have the problem of tonsils then they create more problem when you eat or drink some cold items or during the winter season due to climate. The tonsils forms lumps on each side of the throat and become very painful and we can also get fever when suffering from this problem.


    There are some temporary treatment tips that can reduce the hardness of this problem but they are permanent and can show again when climate changes to cold or when we drink or eat cold items. The permanent treatment is tonsillectomy through which can completely remove them.

    • Temporary treatment methods:
    • Gargle with warm water with some salt in that water.
    • Take Paracetamol tablet for fever and pain.
    • If the problem continues with fever for more days then it might be a danger sign of rheumatic fever and this treated through penicillin.
    • If the child has tonsils very often then take the medical help.

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