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» treating injuries to the eyes

  • How to treat injuries to the eyes?
    By Health Blog on August 26, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The eye is very sensitive part of our body and needs so much care. We should take at most care for our eyes which are very hard to repair and regain the lost vision. All the injuries to the eyeball must be considered as dangerous as they may cause to the permanent blindness. Even the small cuts on the cornea may get infected and harm the vision if not treated properly. If the wound to the cornea is very deep then it is causing the eyeball to fill with blood, the eye is in danger. Danger is especially great if the pain suddenly gets much worse after a few days. Get the immediate medical help.

    What not to do?

    The village game that is played in almost all the villages of India is especially very dangerous and leads to the permanent eye blindness.

    We should be very care when children are playing with some sticks or any kind of sharp edged items.

    Generally we are very much enthusiastic to watch the sparkles that come from the welding torch. But these are very powerful rays and spoil the vision and leads to blindness. So don’t watch them directly with bare eyes. Use some kind of dark glass.

    We should be very careful while handling the chemicals as these may cause very severe damage to our eyes.



    If the person still sees the objects with the injured eye then put the antibiotic ointment in the eyes and cover it with a soft cloth. If the condition is severe then contact the doctor.

    If the person is not able to see anything after the injury and the injury is very deep then cover the eyes with clean bandage and take for the medical help immediately. Don’t press on the eye.

    Don’t try to remove the thorns or splinters that are tightly stuck into the eyes and get the medical help immediately.

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