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  • Antibiotics and using them properly
    By Health Blog on August 18, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    After so many researches the scientists came to know that the best way to treat the diseases caused due to bacteria and fungi is to introduce the substances from the bacteria in to our body and creating antibodies in our body that fight against the bacteria that are causing these diseases in reverse acting against them. Antibiotics are the substances that are produced by the organisms like bacteria, fungi to prevent the grown of the other organisms and eventually to kill them. Actually these are made in laboratories using some chemicals. These are very important medicines for controlling the once greatest problems like smallpox, chickenpox. The best known antibiotics are penicillin, amoxicillin, tetracycline etc.

    These work differently from each other against specific diseases. We should use them very carefully otherwise there will be great health problems involved in their introduction in to our body. Information on the usage, dosages, risks and precautions to use for the antibiotics are recommended to study and then we should use these antibiotics.


    Here are some of the guidelines for using the antibiotics of all kinds:

    • If you don’t know exactly how to use the antibiotic and what infections it is used for then please don’t use them.
    • Use only an antibiotic that is recommended for the infection you wish to treat.
    • Know the risks that are involved in using the antibiotic and take all the recommended precautions.
    • Use the antibiotic only in the recommended dosage, not more not less. The dose depends upon the illness and the age of the person for whom this is used.
    • Never use injections of antibiotics if taking them by mouth is likely to work as well. Inject only when necessary.
    • Keep using the antibiotics until the recommended or required number of days or for at least two days more after the fever and other signs of the infection goes away.
    • Don’t take these antibiotics in fewer amounts than recommended.
    • If the antibiotics causes any skin rashes or itching or difficulty in breathing then the person must stop using these antibiotics and contact the doctor.
    • Only use the antibiotics when the need is great.

    Don’t forget to follow these recommendations before using the antibiotics as this needs so much care.

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