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  • Not Every Exercise Helps You to Lose Weight!
    By Health Blog on September 5, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people who consider themselves overweight and desperately want to lose some weight, are under the impression that doing sit-ups and crunches will help their purpose. But the reality is just the opposite; sit-ups and crunches do no good to weight loss patients.

    If you find this idea hard to digest, then you should enquire into the basic purpose behind doing such exercises. Athletes and bodybuilders do sit-ups in order to build their body muscles not to reduce them.


    Working out will not necessarily help you lose weight

    Therefore, if you want to reduce your body weight then stop wasting your time with such exercises. There are other ways to lose weight. For example, you can start burning your body fat; it is not as hard as it may sound as your body naturally wants to burn fat.

    The key is to modify what you eat and how much you eat. If you eat more food than what your body burns, then you are going in the wrong direction. However, changing your diet plan does not mean that you should start eating only boiled and tasteless vegetables. In fact you can continue your normal diet as long as you learn when to eat.

    The timing of your meals is very important; those who eat less but at frequent intervals find it hard to lose weight. Observing moderation in your diet will definitely quicken the pace at which you get slimmer.

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  • Never Skip A Breakfast
    By Health Blog on June 4, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    It’s one of the very first things you do in the morning and the things you take are one of the very first for that particular day as well.  It is undoubtedly the most vital meal of the day. 

    A thorough and proper breakfast will help you keep fresh,  active and thoughtful for the whole day. Mostly people who are late-risers and those who are short of time, are the ones who usually either skip their breakfasts or may not eat up properly and would eat in a hurried manner. First of all, you don’t have to be Freud to come to know that eating hurriedly can be disastrous for your digestive metabolism, and will make you feel the results for all day long. Secondly, starting your day by skipping your breakfast is also a mistake.


    The people who take breakfast are much better both at work and studies than those who do not. But while you take your breakfast, it is equally important to choose what you eat.

    Enrich your breakfast with fruits and vegetables. Not only will that make your breakfast better tasting, but their fresh and green presence will also make you feel lighter and better. Fresh fruit juices are an all time favorite, rich with all the Vitamins we need. Protein consumption will also boost your energy houses to optimal level with stuff like milk, eggs and tofu. Whole Grains should not be missed out as they cater to a number of our nutritional needs all together. Coffee and tea can be personal preferences, but a lot of us can not really live without them.

    So always have a smile on your face every morning by providing it a fresh start with a pleasant and healthy breakfast.

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