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  • Health Goals for 2013
    By Health Blog on December 30, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    With 2012 just about over it’s time to think about resolutions for the new year. My year hasn’t been the best in terms of health as I have over-eaten and under exercised! So I’m carrying a few pounds too many!

    One good thing I have done this year is to quit drinking alcohol completely! No more fine red wine for this little duck. And it really hasn’t been a problem. Friends keep trying to ply me with alcohol, just as the system tries to push it on me at every turn, but it isn’t a problem once you have really made up your mind to quit. My mind and liver thank me for it every day :-)

    So, anyway, here’s my health goals for 2013

    1. Drink more filtered water
    2. Slowly ween myself off coffee: One per day.. then One only when I go to cafes.. then eventually just move to drinking green tea.
    3. Exercise daily, even if its just a 15 minute walk each day.
    4. Become my ideal weight.
    5. Have at least 2 non-meat days every week.
    6. Less sugar!
    7. Less wheat! See Wheat Belly book.
    8. Shop more at farmers markets and organic shops: ignoring idiots like Dr. Oz.
    9. Buy a bike to ride through the forest near my place.
    10. Smile regularly :-)

    What are some of your new years resolutions regarding your health and fitness?

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  • Importance of water
    By Health Blog on March 12, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    Everybody knows that we can’t live without water. Without water we feel very thirsty and we die if we don’t drink water for some days. We know that every living organism needs water for its survival. There are some animals which can live without water for some months but it has to drink water at some point of time. We, human beings can’t live without water for few days. Our human brain is made up of 95% of water, blood consists of 80% of water and lungs contain 90% of water. Every part of body needs water. Water is the base for saliva which is useful for us to eat, water forms fluids that surrounds the joints of the bones and helps for their easy movement. Water regulates the body temperature and it is one of the main components for our body metabolism. Drinking more water makes our faced very fresh and reduces the acnes and pimples and also reduces the mental tension and gives relief to us.
    For good health having water is very important. It makes the medicines to work better and faster. We should daily take 8 liters of water to keep our body well balanced. Drinking a glass of water daily in the morning reduces the problem of constipation and makes our body disease resistant and we won’t get any diseases. I drink daily 1 liter of water and I feel much better the whole day and I am not getting any health problems. So drinking as much of water as we can is very good to health.

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