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» Weight Loss

  • Yogurt: It contributes to weight loss
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The yogurt is very nutritious. Contains all the ingredients of milk, and relatively few calories. Because it is concentrated, contains more protein and calcium.

    Calcium from the diet, was found to have an anti-obesity. Calcium reduces the levels of kalsitriolis leading to reduced calcium in fat cells of the body.

    The biological effect of calcium leads to increased use of fat cells and reducing synthesis of new fat. Low calcium in the body may facilitate the development of more and larger fat cells.

    It should be noted that the calcium comes from dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) are more effective against fat composition than calcium from other sources.

    Based on these data, researchers from the University of Tennessee, examined the role that may have the yogurt in a reduced calorie diet for weight loss. Submitted 34 obese men and women on a diet with reduced calorie intake, lasting 12 weeks.

    One group of obese patients receiving a diet with 500 calories fewer calories than the normal daily needs and only a portion of milk and 500 mg of calcium daily.

    The second group received a diet with 500 calories less than their daily needs, but with 3 portions of yoghurt, zero fat content. The total calcium intake in this group each day, was 1.100 mg / day is the daily amount recommended for adults.
    The results are interesting:

    1. The group with high calcium in the diet because of yoghurt, 61% had lost more fat

    2. In this group the loss of abdominal fat (considered more dangerous to health) was 81% higher than the group with a diet low in calcium

    3. Another important fact observed is that the diet with high calcium content in milk by yoghurt, lead to greater loss of adipose tissue than muscle tissue. Unlike normal diets cause fat loss and muscle tissue

    The researchers’ conclusion is that the yogurt in a reduced calorie diet increases weight loss, fat and especially abdominal core thickness more threatening to health.

    Recently other studies have shown that dairy products and calcium help maintain normal body weight.

    In children and adolescents, found that when individuals consume quantities of milk, cheese and yoghurt recommended for their age, body weight is most often normal in comparison with their peers who avoid dairy products.

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  • Myths about weight loss
    By Health Blog on July 19, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Before we begin to fulfill your New Year for purposes of losing weight, it is important to know the facts. In the American newspaper Daily Mail has published a list of myths about weight loss you should know. Here are some that might be interesting:

    -Exercise does not work only one area: limited to exercise the arms does not help – you need to work the whole body. The same goes for abdominals. You can make a series of six, but also to strengthen the top to see results if you also have fat there or nearby.

    -No need to exercise. But what you do: The diet is not enough to prevent re-gaining kilos and you can stay on your weight.

    -Exercise more stout to women, which fired its beautiful curves.

    -The olive oil helps you lose weight: It is a healthy fat, but it’s still a fat and is full of calories.

    -Running is bad for your joints. Why are brokers for over 10 years dedicated to this career? Would have happened several times in the operating room knowing that a certain idea.

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  • Exercise and weight loss
    By Health Blog on July 18, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    The ideal way to be able to achieve weight loss is a good combination of reduced calorie intake and increased energy expenditure. A proper and balanced diet which will gradually reduce the calories hire and provide all the necessary ingredients in sufficient quantities, in conjunction with a regular exercise which will help us to consume more calories is a good and feasible combination.

    The exercise and its benefits …

    The exercise is the second and major part, a good design for weight loss. Proper exercise can help us to increase the consumption of energy (calories) in our bodies, not only during the exercise program and during the whole day, raising our metabolism!

    But what is the correct length and charge, to achieve the best possible result; We should start saying that all forms of our exercise and contribute to our health, it suffices to take place properly and safely. Any sporting activity and by the way which is offering different results in our bodies.

    For weight loss and slimming, scientific evidence indicating that low intensity aerobic exercise, is the ideal way to exercise, especially for the largest percentage loss of fat from the body. Some of the positive effects of aerobic exercise, particularly by exercising in water is: Increased calorie consumption during exercise, because of natural resistance of water!

    Mikromasaz on the surface of the skin, with the help of the hydrostatic pressure of water and effective removal of cellulite!

    Increase in basic metabolism!
    Reduce triglycerides
    Improve the circulation and varicose veins in the legs!
    Raising HDL – cholesterol!
    Reduction of LDL – cholesterol!
    Reduction in blood pressure!
    Increase muscle mass and improve the tightness!
    Reduction of adipose mass!
    Prevention and protection from ischemic myocardial disease!
    Deceleration of degenerative lesions of joints!

    An aerobic exercise program, to have the best possible result, it is not to exceed 70% of the maximum intensity, duration to 30-45 minutes and be done with a frequency of 3-5 times a week.

    Exercising in water is the best and most secure way of sports and entertainment. Enjoy the water and learn about everything that can be offered in the body and your health!

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  • Use Exercise Bike to Keep Yourself Fit
    By Health Blog on May 28, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Exercise is a basic ingredient in the life of every fit and healthy person. If you regularly spend some part of the day in doing some serious exercise, not only it will slow your ageing speed but it will also keep you in good shape. Many people prefer to go out in the sunshine to do some exercise, but in today’s busy lifestyle most people prefer to do exercise indoors.

    There are different kind of exercise equipments which one usually sees in a gym. Exercise Bike is one of the most preferred and effective exercise tool as it has many advantages.


    Exercise Bike is the most popular exercise equipment as it is one of the easiest to use. All of us have enjoyed bicycling in our childhood, therefore, we do not really feel like exercising when we’re spending time on an exercise bike. It takes very less space as compared to some of the other fitness equipments, and you can always carry it inside your living room, if the weather gets rough.

    There is very low chance of your injuring yourself by pulling a muscle or tearing a tissue when you use exercise bike, and for the same reason people from all age groups prefer it. Exercise bike is very effective when it comes to burning fat, and many therapists recommend its use to those who want to lose weight.

    Alongwith the use of proper nutritious diet, exercise also holds its significance in living a healthy life, and with the use of exercise bike exercise becomes fun.

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  • Acai Berry Supplements – A Natural And Healthy Way To Reduce Weight
    By Health Blog on May 11, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    You must have heard and seen many ads which claim that after use of a specific product, patients can lost as much weight as they want within a couple of days. But the problem is that none of that is true. Most of these offers are hoaxes, and only make you lose precious time and money while some even worsen your health state.

    In such a grim scenario, patients mostly remain skeptical about weight loss products and techniques. Experience shows that the most direct and effective way of losing weight is through change in diet and regular exercise. But if you follow this route to lose weight, it can take some time…………………….in fact it takes too much time.


    Acai Berry - An effective remedy for the overweights

    Therefore, the importance of the supplements you in-take in order to lose weight is of high importance. Acai Berry supplements have gained high popularity in recent times and many renowned doctors and experts have recommended to weight loss patients.

    The reason for its popularity is that instead of melting fat, Acai berry supplements provide the necessary vitamins and proteins to your body which makes your body more healthy. Its antioxidants help stopping waste buildup inside your body obliterating any extra weight in your body. So while you continue to take healthy diet and regular exercise, use of Acai berry supplements can quicken the pace of your weight loss.

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