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  • Proper management of weight
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The winter slowly – slowly away, leaving some not so pleasant unnecessary pounds. So along with the spring starts and the stress of dieting and weight loss. Whether it is changes in the healthy body weight and how we can keep our weight stable? These questions will try to answer in this article.

    Small variations are normal weight

    When the changes in weight of about 1-2 kg are considered perfectly normal, even when within a week or even one day, as our weight is directly influenced by what we eat or drink before being weighed. For example if you drink two glasses of water and weighed immediately after the balance will show ½ kilo heavier.

    Changes in weight were observed through the years, but at different stages of life a person is perfectly normal but were enough to move certainly reasonable.

    When there is a problem

    The continuous and large fluctuations in weight, have usually resulted in the individual leads to increased body weight but also very high percentage of body fat percentage and reduced muscle mass. This has the effect to occur then even greater increase in body weight as a result of loss of muscle tissue, the basic metabolism of the individual, ie the energy consumed by the body for basic functions, is reduced. It’s much better a slightly overweight person is overweight must constantly fluctuates in weight.

    Apart from the final increase in body weight, constant changes have serious psychological consequences as the person enters into a vicious cycle of continued loss and recovery of weight, thus occupied by feelings of frustration and futility. The sense of constant deprivation, with the balance but ultimately shows more pounds is typical. It is the time to understand that doing something wrong and should radically change the way we treat our food.

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