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  • We can all keep our eyes look young and healthy!
    By Health Blog on September 28, 2010 | No Comments  Comments
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    The first step in achieving a younger and healthier looking face is by taking extra care of our eyes. We all know how hard it is to achieve and maintain perfect skin around our eyes, we can all fall victim to wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles around our eyes.
    Don’t fear though! There are ways that we can overcome these issues quickly and easily. Here are some tips that can ensure that we are looking our best!

    Eye treatments

    Our eyes are the first thing that many people look at, and it is therefore important to make sure that they are looking the best that they possibly can. The skin around our eyes can become very vulnerable, so it important to use the best treatments when taking care of this skin.

    Eye bags

    Eye bags can make us look tired and worn out. They can be a result of many causes, such as lack of sleep and allergies. These can be easily treated with an eye bags cream which rejuvenates the skin and creates a more vibrant look.

    Eye wrinkles

    An eye wrinkle treatment can also be a fantastic way to keep your eyes at their blinking best! These magical treatments can seemingly turn back time and restore healthy looking skin around your eyes.

    Dark circles

    Dark circles cream can also be used in as the order to combat the problem of eye dark circles, with minimum fuss. Dark circles can leave you looking fatigued and stressed but they can be vanished for good with the use of these creams.

    There are skin care products out there that actually balance quality treatment with affordable prices, a perfect combination!

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  • Five Steps to Stave Off the Age Signs
    By Health Blog on March 5, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    In the race of life, every one is running to gain the best of every thing. In that beauty and glow in face is one. But how long this remains with us is the major issue. To resolve this issue, one industry is researched vigorously and going to release the products to avoid the symptoms and effects old age. It indirectly means the age wrinkles are going to be reduced. Many researches have proven that it’s in the hands of every individual. This article concentrates on the things which an individual can do easily for retaining the clear and soft skin as in younger age.
    No one will be concern of face when it is well in all aspects. Once the signs resembles, it worries the person. This situation is quite common in the people those exceeds 30 years. The most effective signs in this are wrinkles. Wrinkles make the person to look older than what he/she is. People spend thousands of dollars to retain his younger face. But only outer treatments are not so effective according to the several researches. A human positive result and long span results are possible only with internal effect. This can be possible with few methods and techniques.
    Quit Smoke heads to Younger Age:
    Smoking is the root cause of wrinkles and also for other health issues. The smoke is the one which causes biochemical reactions on skin and spoils the collagen and elastic found in the dermal layers. The blood cells production will also get reduced, as the smoking degrades the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells. As a result sagging, wrinkles, darken lips will generate.

    Combat Aging by Healthy Food:

    Any body dealing with oxygen will generate free radicals of no electrons. When this gets attached to mitochondrial cell, it leads to the death of the cell. If this continues, the strength of cells will be lost and sagging of skin takes place. To avoid the flood of free radicals from body, the role of diet is quite essential. Food of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E can neutralize or stabilize these free radicals and avoids the side effects of body and skin.
    Stop Photo aging:

    Sun is the treasure of Vitamin A and also UV. Vitamin A acts as neurotransmitter and lack of this tends to depression. And UV affects the human skin initially and triggers to loss of elasticity of skin and progressively turns to photo aging (damaging the collagen of skin). Avoiding sun rays completely also not good for body, as it has negative impact on body either in lower or in higher quantity. In order to stabilize the nutrients, a sun screen lotions with sun protection factors have to use.

    anti aging technique

    anti aging technique

    Avoid trembling limbs:
    Aging is also visible in posture and trembling limbs which loss the muscle mass. And this happens due to the death of muscle fibers. And this loss is considered as sarcopenia. And finally it leads to sagging and wrinkled skin. To avoid this, exercise of minimum 45minutes 5 days a week is quite essential .This makes muscle strong and high resistive.
    Cool Attitude
    A busy scheduled life tends to the stress on mind which ruins the health in several aspects. After long research, geneticists recognized that the chronic stress leads to short life span of cells. This is due to the telomeres and it degrades the effect of DNA which generates the new cells. So reducing stress is internal anti aging technique.
    There is no perfect remedy for the permanent beauty. The scientifically and technical improvements have reached peaks, but there dint make a deathless life and wrinkle less face. Though the medical advancements invented and implemented several successful surgeries and remedies to prevent wrinkles for longer span.

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  • Botox A Instant Relief for Neck Bands and Wrinkles
    By Health Blog on December 24, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments


    As the time goes, the age grows which is visible on skin in terms of wrinkles and loose skin. We even find few people who face the same situation even in young age. The reasons behind can be stress, nutritious imbalance, improper diet. Though there are many solutions for this. But finding an instant and long staying solution is mostly preferred. There are some innovations to resolve this age showing issues by many scientifically and advanced technologies. Botox is the treatment meant for the muscle contraction which reduces the wrinkles, glabellar and enriches the skin with younger appearance. But how it happens? What makes skins to appear as younger? This article enlightens the secrets of Botox and its positive and negative impact on skin.

    Botox is the word extracted from Botulism and the Botulism is the poison formed from the food containing neurotoxin. Clostridium botulinum is a bacterium which releases the neurotoxin and it is the producer for the Botulinum toxin A. When Botulinum toxin A attacks the ends of nerves, a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine triggers the muscle contractions with out release. And it results to the contracted skin indirectly a younger tight skin. Basically the acetylcholine is the rich of proteins namely VAMP, syntaxin and SNAP-25. Botox makes an involuntary muscle contraction and treats blepharospasm, strabismus and cervical dystonia.

    botox injection

    This Botox is a quite short term treatment (mostly few hours for a couple of days). And this will be effective for three to eight months. Apart from this, the chance of finding these spasms in other areas also gets reduced. Several researches proved that it is useful for reducing the glabellar lines for the people who are above 60. When Botox Cosmetic is injected in to the muscles around the brow area, they can not scrunch up for a period of time. This means they get paralyzed and it is termed as furrows remains only for short span.

    Though Botox give instant rid from the spasms, there are several chances of finding some hazards. Now a days this Botox is injected even in cocktail party for both men and women. But Botox injection must administrated according to medical procedures. Due to the improper procedures during the cocktail parties diminish the gravity treatment. And also leads to the some health hazards like upper respiratory tract infection, headache, neck pain, Nausea, Bruising/soreness at injection site, Dysphasia.

    We can find thousands of sites and clinics which touts us about Botox process and its wondering effects on skin. In return they charge in huge dollars. Though the process is quite simple, but the health barriers results in feature are not ignoring issues. But the trying to create a rid to the inevitable fact( finding bands and wrinkles on skin) can create high graded health issues which even tends to collapse the life span.

    Prefer for instant remedies like Botox, if it is very essential in many aspects. Other wise go for the natural process. Though natural is a time taking method, it has zero side effects. But preferring instant remedies regains the bands and along with some other health issues as bonus. Prefer the suitable method and be healthy.

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