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  • Speculation of Yawning
    By Health Blog on August 6, 2010 | No Comments  Comments


    The moments lecturer starts taking a class on a boring subject, most of the students starts yawning. When one begins yawning other synchronizes with him. This contagious yawning continuous until person moves to nap. Many myths and some researches cotes different statements on yawning, but still there is no accurate information for the raise of yawn in human. This articles focus on the reasons of yawning which is quite interesting than normal topics. The day generally begins and ends with yawning rather than sleep.

    One’s yawning is the person’s own status, right? But why do others continuous it. Is it a contagious effect? What internally happens in human due to the contagious yawn? Many researches were done and are still continued and found many hidden facts of yawn.

    Theories of Yawn:

    Evolution Theory: It’s about the ancestor’s related information, where yawn is one kind of communication.

    Based on the contiguous yawning, ancestors use to confirm of tiredness and moves to sleep.

    There is also a myth which states that yawning was the one way of communication between people of different areas.

    Boredom Theory:

    It’s a dictionary theory which states that the cause of yawning is boredom or drowsiness. Sleepless nights also creates yawning situation.

    Physiological Theory:

    It’s a theory stating what happens during the continuous yawn. When one yawns, he releases carbon dioxide and inhales oxygen. This draw of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes in groups. There are many other actions which occur during yawning. Mouth opens automatically, low jaw drags down and upper forces to up. Air fills in lungs, abdominal muscles flex and your diaphragm moves down. 

    Reasons for Yawning

    Reasons for Yawning


    Researches Role in Yawn:

    Mostly yawning contiguous is an unconscious action in human. To find out the solution many researches has gone and concluded with certain information which is mostly relevant to the causes, but there is no accurate information. There is some mismatching in the result.

    To find the reason behind this most unconscious yawn, Finnish government made some brain researches which concluded that yawn is purely unconscious which deals with brains interconnection system which analyzes and mimics the others action. This is called as mirror neuron system. But this happens under conscious state of brain, means person needs to be very conscious towards yawning scope. But considering many facts, contagious yawn is purely unconscious.

    Mirror Neuron System:

    Mirror neuron is the one which activates when person starts mimicking others action. It’s the same role done during learning. But researchers concluded that there is no extra action during contagious yawning compared to the non-contagious yawn.

    Some researchers found, during yawning time, one part of brain really activates and it’s called superior temporal sulcus. There is also deactivation of second brain called left periamygdalar region. Periamygdalar is an eclipse shaped part in the deep brain, which is strongly responsible for changes in the facial expressions during yawn.

    Though Perianygdalar is very much interrelated to unconscious yawn, it’s not come to clear picture why it turns to deactivate state during yawn. This ensures us that the research is still in progress due to inter related information. Better hope for the accurate reasons for the yawn and contagious yawn with in short time.

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