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  • Yogurt: It contributes to weight loss
    By Health Blog on July 21, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    The yogurt is very nutritious. Contains all the ingredients of milk, and relatively few calories. Because it is concentrated, contains more protein and calcium.

    Calcium from the diet, was found to have an anti-obesity. Calcium reduces the levels of kalsitriolis leading to reduced calcium in fat cells of the body.

    The biological effect of calcium leads to increased use of fat cells and reducing synthesis of new fat. Low calcium in the body may facilitate the development of more and larger fat cells.

    It should be noted that the calcium comes from dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) are more effective against fat composition than calcium from other sources.

    Based on these data, researchers from the University of Tennessee, examined the role that may have the yogurt in a reduced calorie diet for weight loss. Submitted 34 obese men and women on a diet with reduced calorie intake, lasting 12 weeks.

    One group of obese patients receiving a diet with 500 calories fewer calories than the normal daily needs and only a portion of milk and 500 mg of calcium daily.

    The second group received a diet with 500 calories less than their daily needs, but with 3 portions of yoghurt, zero fat content. The total calcium intake in this group each day, was 1.100 mg / day is the daily amount recommended for adults.
    The results are interesting:

    1. The group with high calcium in the diet because of yoghurt, 61% had lost more fat

    2. In this group the loss of abdominal fat (considered more dangerous to health) was 81% higher than the group with a diet low in calcium

    3. Another important fact observed is that the diet with high calcium content in milk by yoghurt, lead to greater loss of adipose tissue than muscle tissue. Unlike normal diets cause fat loss and muscle tissue

    The researchers’ conclusion is that the yogurt in a reduced calorie diet increases weight loss, fat and especially abdominal core thickness more threatening to health.

    Recently other studies have shown that dairy products and calcium help maintain normal body weight.

    In children and adolescents, found that when individuals consume quantities of milk, cheese and yoghurt recommended for their age, body weight is most often normal in comparison with their peers who avoid dairy products.

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