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Choosy Diet to Eradicate Gastric Ulcer

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    The hectic schedules and unhealthy foods making us to earn an excess level of gastric acid, which enriches inflames and irritations in the stomach. Negligence of this inflames ensures the sore called stomach Ulcer. What can prevent us from this stomach inflames? Plugging up to these busy schedules and unhealthy foods is the remedies? No, you can continue your hurry burry lifestyle in this modern world by just paying attention to your health and irradiating the main culprits for the excess gastric acid. You can find the culprits and remedies in this article.

    Culprit of Stomach Ulcer:
    As every one knows any excess content leads to destruction. The same happens in the stomach. The excess release of H.pylori, meant for avoiding the external bacteria in to the stomach, by providing the mucus layer as a lining in the gastrointestinal track of the stomach. The basic culprits which lead to the stomach ulcer are heartburn, gastro esophageal reflux.
    The reasons behind these extremely paining and irritating stomach problems are because of heavy and excess food consumption, high usage of drugs especially pain killers and the negligence over health during the initial stages.

    Initiation of Jeopardizing Stomach Cancer:
    The inflaming pain of stomach begins from the rendered layer of mucus, which generally neutralizes and protects from the gastric acids of stomach. You may raise a question why the gastric acid is present in benign stomach? The gastric acid emerges in the upper part of the gastrointestinal track for preventing the attack external bacteria over the stomach. The erosion of mucus layer in the stomach itself termed as stomach cancer, which initiates because of many reasons. Contributing factors for the mucous barrier breakdown are smoking, drinking, anti inflammatory drugs, coffee, food irritants or allergies, H.pylori etc.

    Heal for Ulcer:
    From the extreme burning sensation, full of pressure and gas, an extended erosion of ulcerative condition can be released by having an immediate reaction during the initial stages of gastric problems.

    gastric ulcer

    Common remedies for improving mucus layer:
    Refrain from smoking which is the basic cause for the harassment over the lining of the stomach. Avoid regular sip of coffee, which causes more irritation to the erosion layer of mucus. Stay away from the spicy and heavy foods, which are tough to digest. Get acclimate to bland diet. Prefer for small frequent meals for easy and fast digestion and avoids the pains and inflame sense in the stomach. Initiate the process of ulcer heal with the prescriptions of doctor, as they offer the proper dosage of medication to the level of gastric problems accordingly. Manage stress by medication, since stress is one of the factors for rise of stomach ulcers.

    Herbal Treatment for healing Ulcer:
    An herbal treatment enriches the mucus layer as the lining of the stomach and prevents the inflaming effect of gastric acids.

    • One of the well known natural herbal is the aloe-Vera. Aloe-Vera juice every day on an empty stomach acts efficiently for the improving the mucus and distressing the pains and pressured gases of stomach.
    • We can speed up the healing process of gastric ulcers by preferring the cabbage juice as a part of diet. A raw cabbage or its juice has the same role of aloe-Vera in healing gastric ulcers.
    • Instead away from the caffeine, prefer for the lemon –balm tea which offers relief and brain freshness. Apart from this, you can select peppermint, chamomile, fennel seeds, shredded licorice root ingredients tea. This eradicates the excess gastric acid and improves the mucus layer.

    Be alert with the diets, Avoid anti inflammatory drugs, maintain proper timing in diet. Be choosy of bland diet and herbal medication which prevents erosion of mucus layer and arise of extreme pain and inflaming stomach.

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