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Avoid Feet Stink

  • feet stink

    feet stink

    When the day begins we start our work by taking the help of our hands and legs. These play a major role in finishing off the task in shorter span. But if you notice, many it’s our legs especially feet which need to be covered as they have to pass through all sorts of areas. And to avoid the dust and protect our legs we cover them with shoes and socks. Everything will be fined as long as our legs and covered and clean, but when we find the stink feet, we obviously prefer to through the socks and shoe either ours or others. It’s quite common case that many sweet smelling people will the issue of unbearable strongest odor. What could be the reason behind the job stinking socks and feet ensuring many to run out of you? This article is going to point the reasons and rids of oddest feet stink.

    Sweat Food:

    As you might have noticed the concept of sweat in our earlier articles that sweat is mixture of fatty salts and water which ensures the birth of bacteria in higher quantity. Bacteria are the one which feeds on fatty salts of sweat over the skin and develops its growth. In this way, it causes of the birth of stink from lovely smooth and soft palms. It is noticed there will be around 250000 are got located in feet and in some important body parts (underarms, back etc).

    Feet Stink:

    Though it’s common we sweat all over the body depends on the environmental and health issues. There is a difference in sweat from feet and sweat from body. Our hands also consist of sweat glands but they don’t produce the bad odor but our feet do. The reason behind is the socks and shoes which we use to cover our feet.


    When the socks get fixed with the feet, the excreted sweat gets observed by the socks rather than evaporating into air as done with the hands. With this the bacteria which generally feed over excreted sweat will have feast within the socks. And the excretion of bacteria enriches bad odor from the socks which we find after removing them from feet. Based on the excretion of sweat from the body, the odor varies. There will be few more physiological qualities of human which are also cause of the sweat and stink from feet.

    odor free feet

    odor free feet


    Tips to out of Foot Odor:

    We can protect ours and others nose from smelling unbearable stink of feet which generally ensures many to run miles out from us.

    Stop Bacteria:

    • Bacteria is the main cause for raising this stink issues which can be avoided my maintaining clean socks which will be washed after its usage of single day.
    • Do clean the feet with anti bacterial soap after removing the socks and shoes. It is recommended for people who wear sandals.
    • Prefer wearing different shoes instead of considering one pair all the time. And choose well ventilated shoes which allow the air in and avoid the bacteria by evaporating the sweat out. Apply antiperspirant to feet.

    This ensures you from bad odor and allows being with you when you remove your socks and shoes.

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